Hybrid Automobiles

Timeline created by mynameisnick
  • All electric

    Late in 1834 the first ever All electric car was up and running. The petrol + electric engine was not yet develpoded
  • Hybrid takes Flight

    Hybrid takes Flight
    This date marks the time period of the first hybrid car. A man named Jacob Lohner in collaboration with the founder of Porsche created the Elektromobil. The car was origanally all electric but after the cars batterys were found not very sustainable the combustion engine was accompanied.
  • Suburban

    1997, the prius arrives in Japan and becomes a huge sell around the world. The car styled and tuned for every day travel with an amazing gas mileage. The Prius was virtually made and available to everyone.
  • More on Harnessing the Energy

    More on Harnessing the Energy
    The Kinetic Energy Recovery System or "KERS" was first introduced by the Mcalren F1 Team. When a car decelarated a generator harvest's the lost energy during braking, that energy can be used to power a small electric motor thus creating an additional power source to be used whenever.
  • High End

    High End
    Hybrid vehicles took a turn for the luxorious lane when cars like the Fisker Karma and the Tesla Model S came into play. These cars set the bar high for hybrid vehicles with price tags exceeding 70,000$ and respectable quality. Not only did they look exquisite but these cars had an MPG of 70 plus.
  • Plug In Stations

    Plug In Stations
    Now just like a gas station but sometimes even in a parking space Plug-In cars of all sorts can now charge batteries in public areas. This idea spread all across the country and is economically beneficial.
  • New Purpose

    New Purpose
    The electric moter had a completely new purpose after it had been a staple in current automobiles. Cars then began harnessing the electric power for performance. From Mclaren and Formula 1's KERS energy system to the porsche 918 and 919 Le Mans prototype hyrbrid car wich was the same manufactuer that produced the first hybrid vehicle, motersports across the board were using this new type of energy for good use.