• Galveston

    Location: Galveston, Texas
    Deaths: 6,000-12,000
    Damage: $30 million in property damage
    Characteristics: It was a category 4 storm with winds more than 130 mph. The waves caused by the storm caused 8,000 deaths.
  • San Felipe-Okeechobee

    Location: near Palm Beach, Florida
    Deaths: 1,836 (lake surge itself)
    Damage: Soiled land and inland lakes and caused a miminum barometric pressure of 27.43 inches.
    Characteristics: The winds were fast due to the high barometric pressure.
  • Florida Keys Labor Day

    Location: Florida Keys
    Deaths: 408 (winds and tides alone)
    Damage: $6 million dollars in damage
    Characteristics: The damage then equates to $95 million today. It was 1 out of 3 category 5 storms to hit the US in the 20th century.
  • Camille

    Location: Gulf Coast
    Deaths: 256
    Damage: $1,42 billion
    Characteristics: First hurricane to be named category 5
  • Hugo

    Location: Carolinas
    Death: 50
    Damage: $8 million
    Characteristics: 20 ft tides and 120 mph winds. One of the worst stoms to ever hit the Carolinas. It was a category 4 storm.
  • Andrew

    Location: Florida
    Dead: 26
    Damage: $26.5 million, 101, 241 homes, and destroyed 25,524 other homes.
    Characteristics: Category 5 with winds up to 167 mph.