Hunter Hayes

  • Birth

    On September 9th, 1991 Hunter Hayes was born. His parents are Leo and Lynette Hayes. He was born in Breaux Bridge, Louisiana.
  • Period: to

    Hunter Hayes

    This is a timeline about Hunter Hayes's life. It will contain various, important information about him, and his life.
  • Singing Already

    Singing Already
    Before Hunter could even walk he was making music. He picked up anything, and made it an instrument. On his birthday his grandmother gave him an accordion, and he immidiantly began to sing Cajun song heard off of the radio.
  • Little Star

    When Hunter was only six, he was singing in front of 200,000 people. He sang the song, “Jambalaya," with big satrs Johnny and June Cash! He also preformed for the US president, and many more.
  • Song Writer

    At the age of seven, Hunter already began writing his own songs. He had already learned how to play several instruments, so it was easier for him. He use to sit in his room, and just make up songs.
  • Moving

    In 2009, Hunter moved to Nashville. He moved hoping to make his mark in Country music. Ther he signed a publishing deal with Universal Music Publishing Group.
  • Becoming a Big Star

    Becoming a Big Star
    In 2010, Hunter Hayes really became big. He was one of country's biggest, and hottest, stars. He attracted major labels, and press!
  • Meeting an Idol

    Meeting an Idol
    Hunter Hayes was in love with Taylor Swift, at the time, so he got an iPod Nano, and recorded some of his songs onto it. He sent it in with a message asking her to listen to it, a couple mounths later he got a call from her manager asking him to be on her tour. He said, "When I met Taylor Swift, I think it was the first time I was ever speechless."
  • "Gunna' Wish I had a Storm Warning"

    In the summer of 2011, he let out his single, "Storm Warning." His hit made Country's Top 40. He wrote the song, sang it, and played the instruments.
  • Awards

    Hunter was nominated for the "New Artist of the Year" at the Academy of Country Music Awards. It was an exciting moment for him, and his family. He was really excited about it.
  • Wanted

    Hunter Hayes makes us all feel "Wanted" in his new song. It's all about his maturity, and growing up. He sure knows how to work a girl's heart!
  • "Blown Away"

    "Blown Away"
    In 2012, Hunter is going to be on tour! He will be touring with Carrie Underwood, in her "Blown Away" tour. He will be her opening act!