Hunger Games

  • Main Characters

    They told us who the main characters were, (Peeta, Katniss, Prim, Gale, Haymith, Effie, and Katniss' mother) and what they do
  • Games/Picking

    They told us about the Hunger games and what they were, and then they picked who went, it was Peeta and Katniss
  • Goodbye

    They said their goodbyes to the people they loved and then went on a train to the games
  • On the train.

    They are on their way to the Capitol to compete in the games and while they are on the train they recieve guidance from a previous winner on what to do and how to train
  • Training.

    They decide to train together and stay close to eachother for the first part of training, they have reached the capitol. Katniss meets a nice girl called Rue, who she becomes friends with.
  • First Betrayal

    Peeta asked to be trained seperatly, Katniss thinks he is turning on her when actually, he has a plan
  • Final Score

    All contestants went into a private training session with judges and recived a mark out of 10 on how they performed. Katniss got the highest with a 9 and Peeta got a 7
  • Stylists

    All contestants have a stylist to prepare them for opening ceremonies and interviews, Katniss gets Cinna who is a great guy, he has good ideas. They spend 4 days doing this
  • Games begin

    The games have begun and on the first day 11 people died, Katniss managed to get a pack of supplies and is now running far away, no word on Peeta yet.
  • Later in the Games

    5 days have gone by and there are 6 more people dead, Peeta has grouped up with the Careers who are hunting down everyone else, Katniss feels betrayed for a second time.
  • Even Later in The Games

    3 days have gone by and only 2 people dead, the game makers are getting bored. Later that day while Katniss is in a tree the forest all of a sudden starts to burn, the game makers set it on fire. She has to run away and find another place to live.
  • Rue

    Katniss found a new spot to hide, she is in the huge tree not to far from the careers camp. That night she heard the careers comming and climbed farther up the tree, She then heared a little voice below her, it was Rue, she was hiding in the same tree. She had pointed out that there was a Nest of vicious Tracker Jackers above Katniss, Later that night Katniss cut off the nest and dropped it on the careers, 1 of them died. Katniss then recieved a package with burn ointment in it.
  • Saviour

    The careers ran back, but the one who died didn't make it far, she was right beside the tree. Katniss goes down to loot her bow and arrows. When she's almost done getting the bow she hears leaves rustling. The careers are back. Out comes Peeta and he tells Katniss to run. Just as he said that Cato, a career came out and sliced Peeta's leg. Peeta defended himself until he was about to die, then he ran off. Rue who liked Katniss followed her.
  • Alliance

    Once Katniss couldn't run anymore she found the biggest tree she could and set up what she had there. In the evening she heard something in the trees, it was only Rue. They bonded that night and by morning were an alliance
  • The Plan

    Once Rue and Katniss settle down at night they start to talk about the careers and everything they had. Then they plotted to destroy everything the careers had,
  • Plan in Action

    The next day Rue and Katniss go hunting and decide to put the plan to action. Rue sets 3 fires to draw the careers away and Katniss destroys the food. Luckily for Katniss the food is surrounded by mines so all she does it shoot and arrow and blow everything up. Then she goes to fine rue
  • Death

    Katniss finally found Rue in a trap at the bottom of the tree. There is a career holding a spear. Before he has time to pull it out of Rue Katniss shoots an arrow at him. The boy dies and so does Rue. There are 6 left.
  • Announcement

    Later the night that Rue died. The seal appears in the air and you hear a voice. The announcement was that if 2 people from the same district were alive at the end, they would both win. Without thinking Katniss calls Peeta's name and knows she must find him.
  • Found him!

    Katniss had waited an extra day to find Peeta. She came accross a huge pile of mud that started to talk. She asked for Peeta and his eyes opened. She had found him. She got him out and cleaned up his leg. They needed to find shelter.
  • Cave

    While they were walking to find shelter Peeta kept talking about how he would of died without Katniss. Katniss didn't want to hear him so she leaned over and gave him a kiss. Almost instantly a parachute came down and inside was a pot of broth for Peeta. Haymitch was giving a message. One real kiss = a gift
  • Nursed

    Katniss and Peeta spent 4 days in that cave lying low. Katniss was nursing Peeta back to health so that they could move when they needed to.
  • Announcement #2

    After a few more days of nursing Peeta there was an announcement coming on again. This time they said that at the cornucopia there was a package for every district that would help them in some way. Peeta did not want Katniss to go but Katniss recieved a package from Haymitch. Sleeping drough. She gave it to Peeta secretly and went to go get the package.
  • Head Wound

    Katniss went to get the package. Every other tribute was there. She decided to make a run for it but just as she grabbed the package she had the wind knocked out of her. The girl Clove had hit her in the stomach. Clove was on her knees now over katniss holding a dagger. Clove stabbed Katniss in the head and was about to finish her off when all of a sudden Thresh had killed her with a rock. Thresh was about to kill Katniss until she told him what she did when Rue died. Thresh aloud Katniss to run
  • Battle

    Cato went after Thresh when he found out that he killed Clove. It was a day until the cannon shot. Cato had killed Thresh. There were only 3 left. Even though Cato was wounded Katniss and Peeta were still afraid.They thought that they would make it back to the cornoucopia to wait for Cato. Then all of a sudden you see Cato running his fastest out of the woods. He is being chased by killer dogs that are 6 feet tall. He made it to the cornucopia and him and Peeta fought. Finally Peeta knocked Cato
  • Continuation of Battle

    Cato had fallen off the cornucopia and was now being chewed up. Peeta was falling in and out of conciousness. After a few hours Cato finally died and the dogs retreated. Then another announcement came on and said that only one could live. They were both shocked and didn't want to kill eachother. Katniss had a plan, she remembred that she had those poisionous berries in a pouch and she pulled them out and gave some to Peeta. She counted to 3 and they both threw them in their mouth.
  • Victor

    Once they heard the cannon signaling the victor they both spit the berries out of their mouth and hugged eachother. They had both won!
  • Treatment

    After the games they both were so exhausted they woke up in the hospital. They were being treated for their wounds. They finally got out 3 days later and were headed home.
  • Return Home

    Peeta and Katniss are welcomed home with joy. Even though the Gamemakers were not happy at how they got tricked. They aloud both of them to live. In the next few months they will have to go from district to district giving regards to the lost ones. Until then, they go on with their lives