Huckleberry Fin

Timeline created by Grace Harrison
In Film
  • Huck's Resistance

    Huck resists being taught knowledge, religion, and etiquette by Miss Watson. While the Widow is trying to civilize him, he gets up to hijinks, pranking Miss Watson's slave Jim and playing with Tom and some others boys in a kind of cops 'n robbers game.
  • Huck's Drunk Father

    Huck's Drunk Father
    His Pap takes him to his cabin and drunkenly tries beating him.
  • Faking His Death

    Faking His Death
    Huck slits his finger and pulls out a few hairs to fake his death to escape while his Pap is gone to town. He escapes on a boat down the river unnoticed.
  • Jackson's Island

    Jackson's Island
    Huck escapes to Jackson's Island where he watches people search for his body. He meets Jim, who is one of Miss Watson's slaves, and decides to help him.
  • A Storm Occurs

    It rains hard and heavy for awhile, making the water rise. They try to hide out during the storm but end up coming across some pirates/conmen
  • Journey to the Free States

    Huck and Jim hop on their raft and try and sail to the free states without being caught.
  • Escaped Slaves

    Escaped Slaves
    The conmen make flyers offering $200 for Jim, trying to get more money.
  • The Duke and King

    The Duke and King
    Their worst con yet, they pretend to be the brothers of Peter Wilks to try and claim his fortune.
  • Separation

    After Jim and Huck get away from the Duke and King, he comes up with a plan to free Jim after he was captured.
  • The End

    The End
    After Jim is freed, Miss Watson wants to adopt Huck, but Huck decides he wants to go West.