How to Train Your Dragons

Timeline created by Kyle_Laverty
In Film
  • Dragons Attack

    Dragons Attack
    It is a new day on Berk and dragons are attacking. Hiccup is running to the blacksmith. He is a Viking who is trying to get himself noticed. He has made a contraption to capture a dragon.
  • Hiccup Shoots a Dragon

    Hiccup Shoots a Dragon
    Hiccup Pulls his contraption to a quiet hill without the dragons and sets it up. A dragon shoots the watchtower down. Hiccup notices this and he aims at the dragon. He shoots and he gets it. He celebrates when another dragon comes and starts attacking him. He runs behind a giant torch the dragon runs out of fire when the chief comes and beats the dragon.
  • Hiccup Runs Away

    Hiccup Runs Away
    Hiccup is in trouble and is sent to his house. He runs away to track down the dragon he shot. He finds it and is about to kill it when he suddenly has a change of heart and sets it free. The dragon tries to fly but he falls into a ravine. Hiccup talks to his dad about how he doesn't want to kill dragons but his father sends him to dragon killing school,
  • Dragon training

    Dragon training
    Hiccup is sent to the arena for school. His instructor is his master Gober who believes that it is better to learn from experience. He tells about the dragons. Then he lets one go and he tells everyone to grab a shield. The two twins Tuffnut and Ruffnut are both out because their shield got destroyed, then Fishlegs, then Snotlout, then the dragon comes after Hiccup he looses his shield then the dragon try's to kill him but is dragged to the pen.
  • Hiccup and Toothless

    Hiccup and Toothless
    After day two of dragon training Hiccup goes to the ravine that the dragon is stuck in. He gives the dragon fish and the dragon has him eat a bite. Then it goes to take a nap and hang from a tree. Later he sees Hiccup drawing in the dirt and uproots a tree to draw to. Finally he puts his nose to Hiccups hand and goes to sleep. At night there is a Gober tells stories about his tales. Hiccup learns from the tails that if the dragon is missing wings or tails that it cant fly and is a dead dragon.
  • Hiccup Makes a Tail

    Hiccup Makes a Tail
    After hearing the stories Hiccup stays up all night and makes a tail for toothless. Then next day he brings toothless a bag of fish. While he is eating he slips behind him and put on the tail and learns that Toothless need something to keep the tail pulled out. Hiccup Has an eel and uses it to put the dragon back in its cage.
  • Hiccup Learns about Dragons

    Hiccup Learns about Dragons
    As Hiccup is learning more with Toothless he is getting better at the dragon training. Hiccup's father comes home and everyone tells him how good it is that the nuisance is gone and he takes it the wrong way and thinks he is dead. Hiccup is learning how to fly with Toothless as he looses the cheat sheet and falls off of Toothless. He and Toothless are falling in the air when he gets back on and flies him to safety. Then Hiccup is picked to kill his first dragon.
  • Toothless Finds The Nest of Dragons

    Toothless Finds The Nest of Dragons
    As Toothless is getting Astrid to not tell about him he starts herding with other dragons to a strange place. As they get their it they find out that it is the nest of dragons. Toothless is hiding so he isn't found. The dragons are dumping food to a huge dragon and the dragon eats and other dragon that doesn't give enough food they are eaten. Hiccup keeps it secret so Toothless doesn't get killed.
  • Hiccup Fights a Dragon

    Hiccup Fights a Dragon
    Hiccup has to kill a dragon. He is in the arena he picks a dagger to kill the dragon. The dragon is let loose and he decides to try to show his tribe that dragons are friendly. But his dad doesn't like it and angers the dragon and it attacks Hiccup. Hiccup is in trouble and Toothless senses it so he climbs out of the ravine and comes and fights the dragon. As soon as he defeats the dragon the Vikings come in and capture him. Hiccup is being yelled at by his father when he tell about the nest
  • Hiccup Disobeys Orders

    Hiccup Disobeys Orders
    As his dad leaves Hiccup father leaves for the mess he makes a plan to fly the other dragons to the nest. At the nest his father breaks it open then launches a ball of fire to show the dragons. The dragons leave and everybody thinks it is over but the king of the nest comes out and destroys the ships. After that Hiccup and the other kids show up on dragons. Everyone is sent to go do something will Hiccup is going to get his dragon everyone is is being destroyed. Then hiccup saves his dragon.