how the fa helped develop sport in the ukl

  • Birth of FA

    the birth of the FA - this develops football as there are more competitions for more teams to take part in making the sport more popular
  • Period: to

    When the Fa statred

  • cup final

    the first ever FA cup final
  • A new centurty

    football gets to business, new professionals take on a die hard golden age of football. - more sportsman take part in the on going sport making it gradually spread all across the world being payed making it more professional.

    Professional players start to earn £4 a week - this develops the sport making it more meaningful to professionals making them feel more important
  • 50th year

    1913 was the 50th year celebrated for the FA - 50 years later and FA is still gradually incrasing developing over larger amounts of places
  • A new century

    football goes global, wembley is completed and the first world cup is held.
    FA bans women from playing on club grounds ' the game is unsuitbale for women ' FA banning women thinking it is to manley of a sport
  • Attendance to a cup final

    126,000 people attended wembley for a fa cup final the largest amount of people ever. FA cup is expanding in attendance catching the eye of more fans
  • the sixties

    football is shown on tv for the first time in colour - for the first time ever people can sit at home and relax on their sofas watching football on tv
  • the double

    spurs are the first team to win the FA cup twice in a row
  • England- world cup

    England win the world cup in 1966 - football develops in the UK making the whole of uk go wild as they win the world cup making more people intersted in the sport
  • the seventies

    the first black payer for england and women football takes off- Racism is no longer a thing in football as the first black person takes part in football in a professional team.
  • FA cup

    arsenal win on the double
  • tradgedy

    loads of people die due to a fire at bradford city
  • the nineties

    the rise of the premier league- football comes home
  • the noughties

    new wembley- a new stadium is built making it a new attraction to people t come and watch football games
  • Wayne Rooney

    world at his feet- Rooney scores four goals in one game agaisnt portugal.
  • English FA cup final

    Chelsea take on Manchester United
    6-5 chelsea on penalties.
  • Beckham

    Beckham reaches his 100th cap for England being the fith person to do so
  • A bright future

    the FA brings in goal technology - football develops using technology using goal line tech making it easier to decide whether it is a goal or not making it a more relaible source instead of the human eye. this developed football giving a more accurate decision
  • St.Georges park

    the FA's new state of the art national faciltiy opens- this helped develop football making loads of sights for everyone to take part in for example women football teams, accessabilty for the disbaled to take part.