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  • Birth

    Born in Budapest, Hungary. (pg 1)
  • First Trick

    First Trick
    Learned his first trick at 15, how to make a coin vanish. (pg 4)
  • Father's death

    Father's death
    His father Mayer Weiss didn't appreciate the career and died never seeing a show.(pg7)
  • Metamorphisis

    Metamorphosis. He has used the trick for years at this point but at the Colombian exposition, it's the trick that started his escape artist career. (pg10)
  • Needle Trick

    Needle Trick
    At the Colombian Exposition, he also learned how to "swallow" a mouthful of needles and string, and pulled them all out threaded on the string. (pg 9)
  • First house bought

    First house bought
    Buys his first house in Harlem with his wife Bess. With a total of 26 rooms, 12 bathrooms, and multiple bath and fire places. (pg 69)
  • Finding a body

    Finding a body
    Houdini jumped into the Woolloomoolo Bay to do a weighted dive and when the weight hits the bottom it dislodges a corpse in the bottom of the river. (pg 99-100)
  • Flying a plane

    Flying a plane
    Houdini The first person to fly a plane over Australia. (pg100)
  • Mother dies

    Mother dies
    His mothers death was the biggest turmoil of his life. He promised his dad to take care of her, and he did but he was so focused on that promise he almost felt purposeless after. (pg 113)
  • Death

    He dies and his wife Bess sings the song she performed when she met him the first time.