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Hoover's Response to the Great Depression

  • Smoote Hawley Tariff Act

    Smoote Hawley Tariff Act
    This Act raised import taxes, which was intended to increase American trade. Hoover desired to help farmers by raising traiff levels on agricultural products. As a result, U.S imports from Europe decreased greatly
  • Federal Farm Board

    Federal Farm Board
    This board was created before the crash of the stockmarket, but was used during the depression to aid farmers. The Agricultural Marketing Act was established under this board, which stabilized agricultural prices and promoted the sale of products.
  • Construction Projects: the Hoover Dam

    Construction Projects: the Hoover Dam
    The construction of this dam lasted from 1931 to 1936. It was created during the Great Depression, and involved a mass effort by thousands of workers. This construction project was intended to give public works projects to the unemployed.
  • Public Works Programs

    Public Works Programs
    This would be a central agency to coordinate and create construction projects for the unemployed. Hoover strongly urged public works for society, which would eventually be successfully taken over by Roosevelt.
  • Hoover Prevents Wage Cuts

    Hoover Prevents Wage Cuts
    President Hoover personally met with business leaders to convince them to not cut wages or fire workers.
  • Reconstruction Finance Program

    Reconstruction Finance Program
    This program would provide relief and work relief to the unemployed. It also created an agency to help banks, railroads, and other key businesses to stay in business thus helping the economy.
  • Bonus Army

    Bonus Army
    Hoover signs a $100,000 transportation bill to assist "bonus Army" demonstrators in getting home. He gives the men until July 29th to leave their camps.
  • Bonus Army Members Revolt

    Bonus Army Members Revolt
    Members resist being moved from their camps, which creates violence and leads to the death of two veterans. Hoover orders Federal troops, under the command of General Douglas MacArthur, to assist in the clearing of the veterans.