Holocaust Timeline

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  • The Takeover of Power

    The Takeover of Power
    When the Holocaust had began with the rise of dictatorship. Adolf Hitler had stepped in when Germany had lost all hope after World War I. In March 1933, he addressed the first session of the German Parliament.
  • The Beginning of the Terror

    In April, Communists, Socialists, and other political opponents were rounded up and imprisoned by the Nazi's. Then the Nazi's had boycotted Jewish-owned shops and Businesses around Germany. Not too long after that, the Nazi's had placed laws against Jews.
  • The Science of "Race"

    The Science of "Race"
    Members of the Hitler youth and Hitler himself begin to divide the world's population into superior and inferior races as a way to manipulate the public into falling under their rule.
  • Search for Refuge

    Jews had waited in a line in Vienna to obtain exit passes where Jews had attempted to leave Austria. However, before they were allowed to leave, they had to MAX amounts of money.
  • Night of Broken Glass

    Night of Broken Glass
    The people of Rostock Germany was awoken to a burning synagogue which began to spread Anti-Jew violence all across Germany. Within 48 hours, synagogues were vandalized and burned, along with 7,500 Jewish businesses. 96 Jews were killed, and nearly 30,000 Jewish men were arrested and sent to concentration camps.
  • Jews and America

    Jews and America
    Many Jews had tried to escape by sailing to America. The ship St. Louis had carried 937 passengers, most of them being Jews, sailed from Germany to Cuba. However, the Cuban government had revoked the Jews' landing certificates. They were then sent back to Europe and most of them were sent to concentration camps.
  • The Beginning of the War

    Germany's invasion on Poland eventually led to World War II that began in September 1939. German forces then controlled most of Europe.
  • Anti-Jew Resistance

    Anti-Jew Resistance
    Jewish activists finally speak up in the late 1930's. They established a secret document to resist against extreme conditions of German Occupation. However, the activists ended up burying the documents in metal containers for the sake of the safety for themselves. Not only that, but many people began to protest after seeing Jews march from one concentration camp to another.