• World war 1 ends

    Germany loses the war and is fined $57 trillion dollers. the punishment humilated the germans and they blamed it on the jews and hitler promised that they will so be gone.
  • nazis win power

    The great depression helps the germans win the vote. Nazi becaomes germanys biggest political party. in 1933 hitler is made the chancellor
  • First camp

    Hitler opens up the first concentration camp in Dahau, Germany. within the next year hitler bulids nine more. No one knows what they are for yet
  • Anti- jew laws.

    government sets up a law to boycott any jewish buisness, strom troops are sitting outside of the stores but are not allowed to interer yet, six days later hitler sets up law that jews are banned from jobs.
  • Jews

    over 37,000 jews leave the country but most of the jews that are still in germany thinks of themselves as patoric germans. books written by jews are burned.
  • no jews allowed

    Hitler sets up the Nuremburg law that strips jews of their german citzenship which kicks jews out of public school, their own stores . banning jews and germans to be married,
  • jewish arrest

    Germany takes over austria and mass arrests of jews follow soon behind. the concentration camps are transformed into dtention camps and are forced to do labor.
  • night of broken glass

    Government organizes "spontanoues demonstartions" and mobs destroy 7,000 jewish owned stores, burned 195 synagogues, killed over 100 jews and thousands were beat and tortured. Arrested over 30,000 jews for their own "protection" and send them to concentration camps.
  • The final solution

    The final soultion is the planned death of every jew in europe. jews are killed in gas chamber more then 5 million jews are will be gased there and the bodies are burned. Austwhietz is known to be the graveyard in human history.
  • life and death

    jews are deported into camps and most die on the way to the camps and the able body men and women are choosen for hard labor. most die from diesease and starvation