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Holocaust Timeline

  • Hitler Appointed Chancellor

    Hitler Appointed Chancellor
    After the Nazi party took control of Germany President Paul Von Hindenburg appointed Hitler as Chancellor. He promised Germany to do away with the debt and get rid of politics. He got rid of anybody who opposed his beliefs.
  • Nuremburg Laws

    Nuremburg Laws
    Also known as the Nuremberg Race Laws, it was created for the Nazi party to put their beliefs on race into law. This law made Jews different from every other race in the country by law. Jews were also required to wear yellow armbands and were not allowed to take them out.
  • Poland Invaded

    Poland Invaded
    Poland was accused of killing German residents and planning to dismember Germany with its allies. The attack was completely unprovoked. Poland deployed late and was at a huge disadvantage
  • Concentration Camps

    Concentration Camps
    Over 44,000 camps were established. These were used to kill, torture, and incarcerate Jews. Most were killed using gas chambers.
  • Soviet Union Betrayed

    Soviet Union Betrayed
    This was the largest invasion by Germany in WWII. Germany and its allies had deployed more than 3,500,000 soldiers for the fight. Considered a turning point in the war.
  • Deportation

    Deportation was a result of the Final Solution. Jews were deported from cities to concentration camps or "extermination camps." Not only were Jews being deported from Germany but other countries such as France, North Africa, Norway, and more.
  • Death March

    Death March
    Jews in camps were evacuated camps to forced labor spots in the city. It was cold, they were not treated well, and the conditions were not the greatest. Some were shot if they didn't comply.
  • Evacuation of Auschwitz

    Evacuation of Auschwitz
    Prisoners were evacuated by Death Marching. Over 60,000 prisoners were taken. At least 3,000 died.