• Elya Yelnats

    Elya Yelnats speaks with madame zeroni about myra menki so mademe zeroni tells him to carry her pig up the moutain to make it bigger but he must carry her up after he gets married but igor barkov marries her and elya leaves to america and forgets to carry madame zeroni up the moutain.
  • Sam

    Sam is killed after they burn the school house is burned
  • stanley yelnats the first

    Was robbed by kissin kate barlow and left stranded in the desert he found refuge on gods thumb and married a nurse
  • Kissin Kate Barlow

    Robs Banks over the next twenty years
  • Kate Barlow 2

    She is found by Trout walker and is told to find her treasure she buried but is killed by yellow spoted lizard
  • the camp is open

    The Warden opens camp green lake
  • Stanleey And Zero

    Stanley finds Clyde Livingstons shoes because zero stole the shoes and threw them off the over pass
  • Zero And Stanley 2

    Zero is a ward of the state and is sent to camp green lake
    stanley is found gulty of stealing the shoes
  • Zero

    Zero runs away a few weeks after stanley finds the tube and injurrs mr pendanski
  • Stanley is sent

    Stanley is sent to camp green lake and digs holes for a few weeks
  • Stanley finds the tube

    stanley finds the golden tube but gives it to x ray who gets the day off and the boys must dig in a massive hole for six days