Timeline created by odellj23
  • 1980 BCE

    Start of Hockey

    A game similar to modern Hockey is first recorder in Rome, Egypt and China
  • First time playing on ice

    First stick and ball game played on ice in Scotland
  • Iron skates are invented

    Iron skates are invented and made a popular pass time
  • Bandy is organized

    Bandy is a game similar to hockey and it is played for the 18th century with organized matches
  • Hockey is coined

    First use of the word hockey in text
  • First time a puck is used

    A ball is replaced by pucks
  • First organized hockey game

    First organized hockey game is played in Montreal by McGil university students
  • First rule book published

    First written down set and stone rukes
  • First ice rink

    First ice rink is made in Montreal
  • Amateur hockey league forms

  • First Stanley Cup

  • NHL forms

  • First games in USA

    Hockey makes way to US