History yr 10

  • End of WWI

    The end of world war one came when the germans had realised they were running low on there soliders and supplies. The Versaille treaty was what officially brang the war to an end.
  • Treaty of Versailles

    The treaty of versailles is what signed the end of world war 1. It was discussed in the paris peace confrence that the opposing side would lay off of defeated germany.
  • The Jazz Age

    The Jazz age has everything to do with the music genre of jazz. The phase most commonly in america was jazz and it became a life style. Paul whiteman was a man known in the jazz age "king of jazz".
  • Invention of television

    The television was first out completed and released for the public to buy in 1954.
  • Market Crash of 1929

    8.5 million dollars had been loaned out from the bank to citizens around america. America was not the only country affected by the stockmarket. High prices and low stock hit most countries around the world.
  • The Great Depression

    The stockmarket crash was one main reason for the great depression. 29/10/14 is known as Black Tuesday. Many people had lost their jobs and homes.
  • 1938 Day of Mourning

    The day of mourning represents the start of Aboriginal rights from their protest that was held.
  • Start of WWII

    World war 2 began when Hilter sent undercover agents to invade the border of poland to let in his troops. Britain and France threated to withdrawl or there will be war. Many contries sided with the british and french and invaded berin so that was when hilter commited suicide in his bunker so he would never be captured.
  • Japanese Attack of Pearl Harbour

    A main reason this started was when america had cut off exports of there main sources like oil and goods.
  • Bombing of Darwin

    The bombing of darwin was an attempt to invade Australia. It was also to stir fear toward the Australians and Allies
  • Atomic Bombing of Hiroshima

    The aim of the bombing of Hiroshima was for the Japanese to Surrender. The Japenese did surrender but in the process many innocent people recieved serious injuries and death.
  • Declaration of Human Rights

    The declaration of Human right is a long list of rights humans have so there is equality across the globe.
  • Mass production eg vehicles

    The mass production is when new and helpful things were affordable and accesable to everyone like cars, televisions and so on.
  • Cuban Missile Crisis

    The cuban Missile Crisis had caused close to war between America and The soviet reunion. Cuba had intentions of releasing bombs on the eastern cast of America.
  • Martin Luther King Jr.’s “I Have a Dream…” speech

    Martin Luther King is an inspiration to many around the world for his speech. A main leader of the civil rights and was the youngest man to win a nobel award. He fought for the African Americans freedom.
  • Invention of the internet

    the reason the internet was created was when the soviet reunion launched the first satilite and America thought they could release bombs from space. The gathered experts to create the internet to monitor things. the internet is now used as a way of spreading infomation and communicating.
  • Australian Freedom Rides

    University students in sydney created a group about freedom for the indiginous. The travelled around Australia to spread the word in bars, radio and so on.
  • Invention of mobile phone

    There are many contributors to the mobile phone being created but one man Martin Cooper is popularly considered to be the first human to creat the handset and use it correctly.
  • Release of Crocodile Dundee

    A famous Australian Film that portrays the Australian outback.
  • Fall of the Berlin Wall

    The berlin wall was created to sperate the east and west of berlin. From undless uproars it was destroyed and germany was again unified,
  • United Nations Conventions on the Rights of the Child

    The Right of the child were inforced when after years the offences of child labor, trafficking and more were being noticed by politicians. This was brought in to protect more children.
  • Melbourne Olympics

    For the first time in australia the Olympics were held in melbourne. A big date for Australia. It was the annual 16th Olympics.