History Timeline

  • Jun 10, 1215

    Magna Carta

    This was one of the most important documents to the Medievel England. This document was a series of promises between the king and his subjects. The promises included that the king would govern England and deal with its people according to the feudal law customs
  • Petition of Right

  • English Bill of RIghts

    This was an English percursor of the Constitution. It limited the power of English sovereign. This was written by the Parlament.
  • Albany Plan of Union

    A plan to place the British North American colonies to be under a more centralized government. This was represented by seven of the British North American colonies.
  • Boston Massacure

    Was a giant street fight. This included a "patriot" mob and a group of British Soldiers throwing snowballs, stones, and sticks.
  • Boston Tea Party

    This was a protest bya group of Massachusetts patriots. It was a resistance throughout colonies in Parlament's effort to rescue the financially weak.
  • First Continental Congress

    This made the congress issue a declaration of rights and organized an economic boycott of England. Also delegates voted to bon all the trade with England until the Intolerable Acts were repealed.
  • Second Continental Congress

    This started wth the battle of Lexington and Concord fresh in several of the new delegates in their minds. This established the militia as the Continental Army to represent our thirteen states.
  • Declaration of Independence

    This was written by Thomas Jefferson. It was a document declaring that the 13 colonies were independant states.
  • Articles of Confederation

    The thirteen states agreed to create confederacy called the United States of America. Each of these states maintains its own sovereignty and its own rights to govern. This did not include the rights to specifically granted to Congress.
  • Shay's Rebellion

    insurred by farmers in west Massachusetts against the government. this ordered them to issue paper money to stop foreclosures of mortgages on their properties..
  • Philadelphia Convention

    This convention was held by delegates from the 13 states whos purpose was to address the problems in the federal government in ruling the states and staying fiscally sound under the Articles of Confederations.
  • Virginia Plan

    This plan was the the outline of what our U.S. Constitution would become today. This plan was mainly written by James Madison, who showed his ideas for a better legislature.
  • New Jersey Plan

    This was designed to protect the security and power of small states. It was purposed by William Paterson at the Philadelphia Convention.