History Timeline

  • Air Traffic Controlers Strike

    Patco had declared a strike, seeking better working conditions, better pay and a 32-hour workweek, against FAA actions that they thought were unfair.
  • Equall Access Act

    The Equal Access Act is a United States federal law passed in 1984 to compel federally-funded secondary schools to provide equal access to extracurricular clubs.
  • Iran-Contra Scandal

    It was a political scandal in the United States that came to light in November 1986. During the Reagan administration, senior Reagan Administration officials secretly facilitated the sale of arms to Iran, the subject of an arms embargo.
  • Gramm-Rudman-Hollings Act

    The law provided for automatic spending cuts to take effect if the president and Congress failed to reach established targets.
  • Westside Community School District vs. Mergens

    Westside High School, in District 66, located in Omaha Nebraska, refused to let a group of students wishing to form a Christian Bible Study Club within their school.She was a senior at the time. It was decided that the club could not take place because they would not allow a staff member to sponsor it. the Supreme Court held that the club could hold their meetings, however their sponsor could not be paid; this would truly be an endorsement of religion.
  • Reno vs. ACLU

    It was a United States Supreme Court case, in which all nine Justices of the Court voted to strike down anti-indecency provisions of the Communications Decency Act (the CDA), finding they violated the freedom of speech provisions of the First Amendment.
  • Bush vs. Gore

    It was the landmark United States Supreme Court decision that effectively resolved the 2000 presidential election in favor of George W. Bush
  • Mitchell vs. Helms

    It was a decision by the Supreme Court of the United States that ruled it was permissible for loans to be made to religious schools under Chapter 2 of the Education Consolidation and Improvement Act of 1981.