History semster 2 2012

Timeline created by khyamw
In History
  • US 'equal rights'

    →blacks not considered people when constitution written→people pushing for equal rights→started to apply to more people→men equal- shouldn’t women be too?→White equal – shouldn’t black be too?
  • land rights reinforced

    land rights reinforced by governor bourke (labor)
  • abraham lincoln

    President during American civil war
  • banned slavery

    all rights given back--Did it because it’s wrong---Northern states said they were equal
  • jim crow laws

    dehumanized the people -->“separate but equal” → white men who were behind these laws said thatblack people couldn’t press charges who were behind these laws said thatblack people couldn’t press charge on white people → could press charges on other black peoplewhite people take the law in their own hands and publically abuse the law → fear in America today
  • KKK

    many members (5 million) people joining →deeply racist →hated that slavery was banned →dressed like knites → woe Christian cross on clothes →hated anyone that’s not Angelo-Saxon →successful in hunt for African/American →the burning cross → trade mark
  • white australia policy

    white Australia Policy inspired by the Jim Crow Laws
  • half cast

  • william cooper begins

    William Cooper came to Melbourne to start the Aborigines leagueThe aims of the league was to get equal rights for AboriginesHe would talk to the people and tell them that they had rights and that they should press for themTook him 6 years to sign petitions → they covered milesA white man would have thrown the petitions in the bin The petition was to have a federal parliament
  • formation of torres straight islander light infantry division

    small group with small fire arms
  • human right declaration

    First legal document stating a persons rights
  • change

    →Government schools should mix blacks and whites→African Americans created rock and roll and blues→Considered heroes somewhere and separated elsewhere
  • Period: to

    US civil rights movement

  • emmett till murder

    →taken away from his bed in the middle of the night, and beaten to death (14 years old)→significant because he was beaten to death, and his face showed the ugliness of racism→beaten because he said ‘hey baby’ to a shopkeeper, and shopkeeper reported it→* lynching = hanging *
  • segregation on buses outlawed

  • rosa parks

  • freedom riders civil rights

  • martin luther king speech

  • equal pay hit

    employers fired the Indigenous workersthey claim they can no longer pay them so that’s why they fired them
  • Gurundji worker strike

    the commonwealth had agreed for equal payas a consequence of not being paid, the Gurundji Pastoral workers took a stand and walked off the property (went on strike)
  • referendum

  • aboriginals given equal pay right

  • whitlam government

  • tent embassy

    • established on lawn of parliament house 1972• purpose→ erected to protest against the slow progress of aboriginal land rights• crown owns the land →government = crown• embassy → safe haven where citizens go to seek protection• saying → governments not protecting them, need to protect themselves• tent → temporary thing, attempting to no longer look after themselves, but government will soon look after them• through tent embassy that aboriginals link to black power• radical black civil ri
  • tent embassy - demands

    • aboriginal tent embassy has symbolic meaning and also served as a platform for aboriginal leaders to issue some practical demands• wanted legal and title rights to create mines• preservation of aboriginal sacred sights• wanted compensation for non returnable lands→ problem for whites• wanted 6 billion dollar down payment (deposit) plus annual percentage of gross national income• demands rejected• police removed tents and arrested a number of activists• over the next 5 years the tent emb
  • aboriginal land right act

  • prime minister fraser passes land right acts

    PM Fraser (liberal) passes aboriginal land rights actso gurrandigi people granted title (ownership) to their land in northern territory
  • Period: to

    tent embassy waiting time

    government gave aboriginal people false hopes → significant burocracy was established by the government to support aboriginal welfare and land rights claims
  • re-establishment of tent embassy

    aboriginal people say enough because nothing is happening →reestablish tent embassy →still remain today