Windows 10

History of Windows

  • Windows 1.0

    Windows 1.0
    November 20th 1985 is when the world changed, new technology was made by Microsoft and named there first OS called Windows 1.0
  • Windows 2.0

    Windows 2.0
    2 years after Windows 1.0, the released a new OS called Windows 2.0. It was better than Windows 1.0 because it had more applications.
  • Windows 3.0 - 3.1

    Windows 3.0 - 3.1
    3 years after the making of Windows OS 2.0, 3.0 and 3.1 came out, making it one of the best OS of the 1990's. Windows 3.0 and 3.1 had more applications and more personalization then 2.0.
  • Windows 95

    Windows 95
    Windows 95 was a was better OS than Windows 3.1 by so many ways. Windows 95 started the start up option and Microsoft made Windows 95 have better graphics then the others.
  • Windows 98

    Windows 98
    Windows 98 released what we all know as Internet Explorer. It started to devlop more color and graphics.
  • Windows 2000

    Windows 2000
    Windows 2000, the start of a new age for technology. Microsoft released Windows 2000, a lot of things have changed, color, graphics and the start of video games
  • Windows ME

    Windows ME
    Couple months after Windows 2000 was released, and updated version of Windows was manufactured in June and released the new version in September.
  • Windows XP

    Windows XP
    Windows XP changed the way we lived. Windows XP was a huse success when it was released in 2001. It had focused on the graphics, pictures, and pictures. They also made a new logo when Windows XP was released
  • Windows Vista

    Windows Vista
    Windows XP was a great hit, then a better OS was released 6 years after: Windows Vista. Windows Vista was a huge hit, the graphics were better, pictures were clearer, and started the making of streaming videos and gaming.
  • Windows 7

    Windows 7
    Windows 7 is pretty much Windows Vista, but upgraded. Windows 7 was released 2 years after Vista, with couple of improvements. They Changed the taskbar, and had the start screen with new stuff.
  • Windows 8

    Windows 8
    Windows is a huge improvement, but also removed some things. 3 years after Windows 7, Windows 8 was released with new features. A new Start menu was devloped when you started the computer. With more graphics and design, Windows 8 was a hit.
  • Windows 8.1

    Windows 8.1
    Windows 8 was good, but Windows 8.1 was better. It brought new extradordinary features which it has a security built in called, Windows Defender. Windows 8.1 is commonly used today, and still used to stream, 3D render, and game.
  • Windows 10

    Windows 10
    Windows 10 is the new updated verson of Windows. Windows 10 is a new interface of technology, and did some pretty amazing things. The old start menu was replaced with a new one, and made a new browser. Internet Explorer was now replaced with Microsoft Edge. Windows 10 is the new future of Windows OS.