History of Voting in the United States

  • 1776 North Carolina Constitution

    1776 North Carolina Constitution
    In 1776 a state constitution was created to give the rights to the people and to set up a government for the people of North Carolina. It gave the governor almost no power. Only white men who owned land were allowed to vote. This limited the power of the people in North Carolina. Almost no one could participate in government so very little people had say. Since very little people had say it was unfair since the other people were not given their rights. This took away the freedom of people.
  • Seneca Falls Convention

    Seneca Falls Convention
    The Seneca Falls Convention is known as the first women's rights convention for the US. The women there demanded more rights since "all are created equal". If this convention were to not happen then the women would still be seen as lower than men. The men would feel as if they had more control over us. This would make it harder for women to get jobs. If you were a women you were looked at to tend the house but the convention changed the veiws for many people, including men.
  • Passage to the 15th Amendment

    Passage to the 15th Amendment
    The 15th Amendment gave African Americans the right to vote. It was desired to help advance civil rights and the liberties of African Americans. This benefitted the United States becuase it allowed more people to vote. If more people were able to vote then the voting wasn't rigged. If the amendment wasn't ratified then only the whites could vote. This takes away the freedom from the other people. This amendment helped the African Americans gain more freedom then they origianlly had.
  • Jim Crow Laws

    Jim Crow Laws
    Jim Crow Laws were laws forcing racial segregation throughout the Southern United States. Restrictions were placed during the Jim Crow Laws; poll taxes, literacy tests and grandfather clauses. Poll taxes is paying to vote. Very few African Americans couldn't vote. Literacy Test were test taken before you could vote. Most African Americans could not read or write so this limited the votes. The grandfather clause allowed the states do these.This limited the rights to the African Americans.
  • Passage of the 17th Amendment

    Passage of the 17th Amendment
    This amendment allowed Senators to be directly voted by the people. This amendment was placed because there were open spots in Senate due to arguments. This amendment added power given to the people. This let the people have more say in the government and who is in it. It lets the people feel more in control of what is happening. This also gives the people a reason to be more aware and educated about the government and the actions taken.
  • Passage to the 19th Amendment

    Passage to the 19th Amendment
    Throughout the 19th centuary women could not participate in government. The women did not agree with this so they held petitions, parades and protest so Congress passed the amendment. Withoutt the amendment women would not be allowed to vote. If the women were not allowed to vote then the men would take control of the government. If men would take control it would turn into "a man's world". SInce they allowed women to vote there is now more equality then there was before.
  • Indian Citizenship Act

    Indian Citizenship Act
    Congressed passed this act that stated all Native Americans born in territorial limits of the country is considered a citizen. The citizenship was closely viewed by state law and they were not given the right to vte in the early 20th centuary. This act gave the Indians citizenship but took away one of their rights as a citizen. This being the case the US allowed more poeple to become citizens. They were still weary over who could vote or not. It was hard for non-whites to vote.
  • Passage to the 24th Amendment

    Passage to the 24th Amendment
    There were laws enacted after the 15th Amendment that made it hard for African Americans to vote. The 24th Amendment prohibitted the charge of being able to vote. This amendment made sure that the African Americans were given the same rights as the whites were given. Since most African Americans were poor becuase of slavery they could not vote but they were a citizen. They were taken of their right as a citizen. This allowed the African Americans to gain more freedom in the politcal aspect.
  • Voting Rights Act of 1965

    Voting Rights Act of 1965
    The act aimed to overcome the legal barriers placed on the right for African Americans to vote. The barriers were placed after the 15th Amendment was signed. This signing of this gave the African Americans more rights so that they were more equal. It was able to get the African Americans closer to equality. It was able to let the African Americans fully participate in government, like intended. This let the African Americans be apart of the society and given the full rights that a citizen has.
  • Passage to the 23rd Amendment

    Passage to the 23rd Amendment
    The 23rd Amendment declares that Washington DC is not a state but allows the citizens to vote and gave the District the amount of electors as if it was a state. This gave the citizens in Washington DC the ability to vote. Even if Washington DC was not a state it gave the people the ability to participate ing government and have a say. Since they live in the US and are citizens they should have the right to vote.
  • Passage to the 26th Amendment

    Passage to the 26th Amendment
    There was confusion about why a boy between 18-21 years of age could kill people and fight in wars but not vote for their country. The 26th Amendment lowered the voting age to 18 so that the soldiers and people 18+ could vote. Since they are allowed to vote there are more ideas going around. With more ideas this also measn the more people that could run. It also set the "adult age" for the United States. It gave the younger people a chance to vote for their country.