Voting abilities through the years

  • Congress Passes the 15th Amendment

    Congress Passes the 15th Amendment
    Congress passed the 15th amendment on February 26th 1869 and it was ratified February 3rd 1870. This gave the African Americans men the right to vote. In early 1890s Southern states were high on "white supremacy" and created literacy tests to vote and the grandfather clauses
    National Archives
  • Alice Paul biggest march

    Alice Paul biggest march
    Paul organized parades and was big on woman's suffrage. Her very first and the largest one was in Washington, Dc, March 3rd, 1913. About eight thousand woman marched with banners and floats down Pennsylvania avenue from the capital to the white house. Half million of the people watching supported and harassed the marchers.National Women's History Museum
  • 19th Amendment passed by Congress

    19th Amendment passed by Congress
    The 19th amendment was passed on June 4th, 1919. This gave women the right to vote. This was a big milestone for woman who had been practicing woman suffrage by writing, marching, lecturing, and practicing civil disobedience. It took them decades to accomplish the right to vote starting around the 1800s when woman organizations and petitions started.
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  • McCarren Walter Act passed by congress

    McCarren Walter Act passed by congress
    The McCarren Walter Act was passed by the U.S Congress on June 11, 1952. Except, it had a presidential veto override on June 27th, 1952; so it went into effect on December 24th 1952. This act created a system for immigration based on racial and ethnic categories and national
  • Ratifying 24th Amendment

    Ratifying 24th Amendment
    This amendment prohibited the federal and state governments to imply poll taxes so that a citizen could participate in the election. It was ratified by the states on January 23, 1964.britannica
  • Reynold v. Sims impact

    Reynold v. Sims impact
    The decision was issues on June 14th, 1964. This issues played factor in voting because it caused that states should strive to create legislative districts in which representation is substantially similar to the population. This case established/became known as the "one person, one vote"ThoughtCo.
  • Freedom Summer Began

    Freedom Summer Began
    June 15th,1964 the first 300 volunteers arrived in Mississippi.People had been warned of high probability of being arrested and needing a lot of money for bail.The Freedom Summer was caused because of the south remaining segregated. African Americans faced violence and intimidation when attempted to practice their constitutional right to vote.Mississippi was chosen for the Freedom Summer project because it had low level of African American voter registrationHistory
  • Jennings Randolph support on 26th Amendment

    Jennings Randolph support on 26th Amendment
    Randolph was elected to serve West Virginia in the United States Senate, and he would always propose the 26th amendment. He was the main cause for it to have gone through. It was always shut down by hid colleagues. That was until March 23rd, 1971 when Senator Randolph was able to use his public sentiment to get the bipartisan support for the Amendment to pass to congress. Took him 29 years, when it just took Congress 100 days. The Intelligencer
  • 26th Amendment into effect

    26th Amendment into effect
    The 26th amendment was the claim of "Old enough to fight, old enough to vote" The minimum age for military draft was 18, so if they were going to be drafted they should have at least gotten the right to vote who they wanted to do that. It went into affect on July 1,1971 although president nixon signed it into law on July 5th 1971.History
  • Help America Vote Act

    Help America Vote Act
    The Help America Vote Act was passed by congress in 2002. This helped reform sweeping to the nation's voting process. The act was to serve as "a national clearinghouse for the compilation of information and review of procedures with respect to the administration of Federal elections."