The History of Voting

  • 1776 North Carolina Constitution

  • 1776 North Carolina Constitution

    1776 North Carolina Constitution
    This gave men the power to vote in the NC electoral college. This is when the nation was just starting out and white men were the only ones allowed to vote. This set up our voting system and was the first official document that allowed NC to vote. This gave us power federally, state wide, and locally. This was very monumental because this was the document that started it all. This started the first group of NC voters.
  • Seneca Falls Convention

  • Seneca Falls Convention

    Seneca Falls Convention
    This was the first women's rights convention held in America. Women had little to no rights, so they held this convention for equal opportunity and rights. This was the start of the women's rights movement which changed America forever. This is when we first see women fighting for their rights and freedoms. If it wasn't for them, women wouldn't really have many rights as they started it all. Even though they still couldn't vote still, this was very successful.
  • The Jim Crow Laws

    The Jim Crow Laws
    Jim Crow laws were laws that segregated blacks from whites in America. They stopped voting with things like poll taxes and education tests.These laws were extremely racist and unfair as we discriminated against people of a different skin tone. These laws made it hard for anyone of different color to vote in America and it segregated us. It wasn't until 1965 when these were changed. They were awful but important to see how far we have come.
  • Passage of the 15th Amendment

    Passage of the 15th Amendment
    A citizen will not be denied the right to vote (if they meet the requirements) depending on their race or color. Only males are allowed to vote.
  • Passage of the 17th Amendment

    Passage of the 17th Amendment
    This amendment declared that every state had to have 2 Senators at all times. They did this because it was hard to vote for the Senators so they decided to elect them by popular vote instead. This was one of the first times they did this and it marked a changing point in voting history. This now increased elections as well as the ways votes were counted. After this amendment, our government was changed as well as our states and the people living in them. We still use this system today.
  • Passage of the 19th Amendment

    Passage of the 19th Amendment
    This amendment allowed women to vote. Before this time women in America had little to no rights so voting was a big deal to them. Ever since this amendment, women have been "equal" to men. This was the beginning of a world of women. If it wasn't for this amendment, women would have no say so or power in our country. I would be run by men.
  • The Indian Citizenship Act

    The Indian Citizenship Act
    Before this time, Indians were usually not considered citizens. This act opened their cause to make them citizens and give them the right to vote. Despite being the first people here, they were some of the last to receive citizenship and the right to vote. This act was a big deal for them as they had been so mistreated. This was another milestone in voting history because now Indians had a say so in the government as well.
  • Passage of the 23rd Amendment

    Passage of the 23rd Amendment
    Before this amendment was passed, D.C. could not vote. They had no influence in government at all. This gave them the right to vote and have representatives in the house. This was very monumental for the people living in D.C. because they had no voice but they were finally given power. This marked another important voting right for America because we tried to give everywhere the chance to vote.
  • Passage of the 24th Amendment

    Passage of the 24th Amendment
    Before this amendment, people had to pay poll taxes in order to vote which led to a lot of people not voting. This was bad for the country so they eliminated poll taxes. This was mainly made so that blacks and poor people could not vote because they couldn't pay but this amendment made it so they could. This was very monumental for African American voting rights. Even though they still didn't get proper rights, this is still good for them at the time. There is no poll tax today.
  • The Voting Rights Act of 1965

    The Voting Rights Act of 1965
    This amendment gave blacks the right to vote. There were many things the government had put in place that topped them from voting but because of the civil rights movement, this all changed. Blacks have been mistreated all throughout history in America. At this point, every thing was segregated and blacks were heavily mistreated. Finally, we gave them voting rights that didn't discriminate against race. It took a while, but we did it.
  • Passage of the 26th Amendment

    Passage of the 26th Amendment
    Because of the Vietnam war, men were fighting for our country but they had no political voice. This amendment lowered the voting age to 18. This was monumental because this allowed for more people in America to vote. The 18 year olds were legally adults so now they can legally vote. This is one of the few amendments that applies to everyone and doesn't discriminate against race or gender.