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Voting Thought the Years

  • Removing Property Requirements For Voting

    Removing Property Requirements For Voting
    Only white male property owners could vote, you had to have property to vote. Saying that to own property makes you more educated. In 1856 all states removed the property requirements. [The Reagan Library Education Blog](
  • 15th amendment ratified

    15th amendment ratified
    The 15th Amendment granted African American men the right to vote. Even after the amendment was ratified southern states still held literacy tests.
    National Archive
  • Guinn v United States

    Guinn v United States
    The grandfather clause was a way for not allowing African Americans to vote, saying if your grand father could vote you can. The court case Guinn v US ended the grandfather clause due to it discriminating against African Americans. Oklamhoma History Society
  • Alice Paul petition with "Silent Sentinels"

    Alice Paul petition with "Silent Sentinels"
    At the beginning of January, Alice Paul and a group called the Silent Sentinels gathered together and began their long journey of 18 months picketing the white house for women's suffrage. During this time Paul and the Sentinels experienced verbal and physical abuse from spectators, police arrested them with the excuse of "disrupting traffic" and were in jail for 7 months.
    NationalWomens History Museum
  • Ratification of the 19th Amendment

    Ratification of the 19th Amendment
    The 19th Amendment was Ratified on August 18, 1920. After the Civil War women thought they would get the right to vote with African Americans but it was not until years later. The 19th Amendment gives women the right to vote.
    National Archives
  • Congress enacted the Indian Citizenship Act

    Congress enacted the Indian Citizenship Act
    This act granted all Native Americans citizenship born in the U.S. the right to vote. Nonetheless, up until 1957 some states still prohibited Native Americans from voting.
    Library of congress
  • Indian Citizenship Act

    Indian Citizenship Act
    Native Americans or Indians lived in the US long before we ever did and they could not become citizens. This act granted Native Americans born in the US to be citizens and vote. Library of Congress
  • McCarran Walter Act

    McCarran Walter Act
    This act removed racial restrictions on being a natural citizen and becoming a citizen. It also put a stronger system of immigration selection. Immagration History
  • Reynolds vs. Sims decided

    Reynolds vs. Sims decided
    During the time of this case, many states had not redistricted their states legislative districts. This resulted in unequal representation in certain areas making it unfair.
    National Constitution Center
  • Ratifacation of the 24th Amendment

    Ratifacation of the 24th Amendment
    Many southern states would use a poll tax to not let African Americans vote since they would not have them money for it. The 24th Amendment abolishes poll taxes. Ronald Regan President Library & Museum
  • Freedom summer

    Freedom summer
    This was a voter registration drive to try to increase the number of registered Black voters in Mississippi, there were over 700 white Americans who joined these African Americans to help fight for discrimination at the voting polls. This movement was organized by civil rights organizations, although they faced members of the KKK ad were violently beaten, false arrests, and murder.
  • Voting Rights Act

    Voting Rights Act
    After the Civil War, the 13,14,15 Amendments were put into place but were not followed by many southern states. The Voting Rights Act outlawed discrimination in voting. National Archives
  • 26th amendment established

    26th amendment established
    This gives citizens of the U.S. who are 18 years of age or older shall not be denied the right to vote on account of age.
    U.S. Constitution
    “Old enough to fight, old enough to vote” is a saying that was created during WWll that demonstrates the 26th amendment.
    National Archives
  • Military and Overseas voter empowerment act enacted

    Military and Overseas voter empowerment act enacted
    This act protects the rights of U.S. citizens to vote in federal elections if they are serving in the uniformed services or residing overseas. The Ohio General Assembly incorporated those federal protections into the Ohio Revised Code, extending them to be able to vote in state and local elections.

    Ohio Secretary of State
  • Motor Voter Law

    Motor Voter Law
    The motor voter law allows people to register for voting at state vehicle agencies. This allowed it to be much easier to register to vote after you got your driver's license. Civil RIghts Division
  • Help America Vote Act

    Help America Vote Act
    This act gave better quality for vote and made it easier. It gave states more funding for voting, more mandatory standards, and new election administration. United States Election Assitance Commission
  • Americans with disabilities act becomes effective

    Americans with disabilities act becomes effective
    ADA prohibits discrimination against people who may possess a disability in public settings like jobs, school, and transportation. this act was divided into 5 sections that relate to the different areas of public life. This act didn't become effective and signed into law till January 1 of 2009.
  • Shelby County v. Holder issue

    Shelby County v. Holder issue
    This act passed in 1965 ensured that American Citizens were not denied the right to vote based on their race. But on June 25, 2013, the Supreme Court took away a key supply of this act that essentially made it harder after the law was just passed to vote.
    Brennan Center for justice
  • Florida amendment 4 passed

    Florida amendment 4 passed
    Florida voters passed an amendment that restores the voting rights of Floridians with felony convictions after they complete their parole. This amendment does not apply to people who were convicted of murder or sexual offense.
    Marion County supervisor of election
  • John Lewis Voting Rights Act

    John Lewis Voting Rights Act
    The Voting Rights Act got rid of discriminating against people by not allowing them to vote. John Lewis Voting Rights Act added more to it, and was reintroduced by Congress in 2023. Human Rights Campain