history of Vietnam

  • Ho Chi Minh

    Communist activist Ho Chi Minh secretly returns to Vietnam after 30 years in exile and organizes a nationalist organization known as the Viet Minh (Vietnam Independence League).
  • Rumors of american invasion

    Amid rumors of a possible American invasion
  • Chinese Withdrawl

    The Chinese under Chiang Kai-shek agree to withdraw from North Vietnam
  • Attack against French

    In Hanoi, 30,000 Viet Minh launch their first large-scale attack against the French.
  • Leader of south Vietnam

    The French install Bao Dai as puppet head of state in South Vietnam.
  • South Vietnam make an Army

    The French establish the (South) Vietnamese National Army.
  • Peoplse Republic of China

    The People's Republic of China and the Soviet Union recognize Ho Chi Minh's Democratic Republic of Vietnam.
  • Another attack on French

    20,000 Viet Minh under Gen. Giap begin a series of attacks on fortified French positions in the Red River Delta
  • Withdrawl from River Delta

    Giap begins a general withdrawal of Viet Minh troops from the Red River Delta.
  • French supply lines are cut

    French supply lines along the Black River are cut. The road along Route Coloniale is also cut.