History Of the Superbowl

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    History of the Superbowl

  • Superbowl I

    Greenbay wins the first superbowl ever with head coach Vince Lombardi
  • BAck to Back

    Greenbay wins there second straight superbowl under Vince Lombardi. this was his last championship
  • New Champ

    New York Jets win there first superbowl over the Baltimore Colts. This was on of the biggest upsets in Superbowl history
  • Superbowl 5

    Baltimore colts make second apperance and beats Dallas in a last second victory.
  • Trophy

    Superbowl trophy was named after the death of the coach who won the first superbowl. (Vince Lombardi). He died in 1970
  • Superbowl VI

    Dallas Blew out the Dolphins 24-3.
  • Perfect Season

    Miami Dolphins have a perfect season and continued it by beating the Redskins in a 14-7 victory
  • Repeat

    Miami Dolphins repeat and beat the vikings 24-7
  • Superbowl X

    Terry Bradshaw sets record for most receiving yards in a superbowl at 161 and Steelers win 21-17
  • John Madden

    John Madden wins first superbowl attempt with oakland Raiders beating the Minnesota Vikings 32-14
  • 3 out of 4

    Pittsburgh wins there third superbowl over the Dallas Cowboys.
  • First Apperance

    Rams make there first apperance but the steelers take there second straight
  • The Catch

    Joe mantano and the 49ers win superbowl 16 by just barely making it to the superbowl with a last second touchdown catch in the NFC championship
  • Two of the best

    Dan Marino and Joe Montana go head to head but Marino pulls out the biggest win (Thus far) in Superbowl history winning 38-9
  • Defense

    15-1 Chicago Bears blow out the New England Patriots 46-10
  • Two Records

    49ers set two records while winning there second suoerbowl
  • Highest Score

    48ers set record with highest score (55) and win there second straight over the Broncos
  • Game winning

    Giants beat Bills with a game winning field goal to win 20-19. On of the closest games in superbowl history
  • Two Straight Losses

    Bills make it to the superbowl again but lose against the Redskins 37-24. they end up losing four straight superbowls in a row
  • 3 out of 4

    Dallas Cowboys win there third Superbowl in four years. It was possible that they could have won four in a row but they lost in the NFC Championship during the third time
  • 99 yards

    Greenbay wins there third superbowl and with style. One of the longest returns in superbowl history occured. A 99 yard return by Desmond Howard happened making it the longest return in Superbowl history
  • Repeat

    Denver Broncos in there second straight superbowl and riots broke out in Denver.
  • Baltimore

    Ravens win there first superbowl with Ray Lewis as the MVP. they defeated the NYGiants 34-7
  • Absolute slaughter

    Tampa Bay slaughtered The Oakland Raiders 48-21 and with the most interceptions ever in a single game. Oakland had 5 total interceptions and Tampa Bay ran 3 of them back
  • Thriller

    Patriots won this Superbowl with a game winning field goal. they would later win the next superbowl
  • Finally!

    After Payton Manning has one of the best winning percentage as a starter, he finnally wins his first Superbowl. His Brother Eli would win the Next Superbowl
  • Almost undefeated

    The Patriots went a Whopping 18-0 entering the superbowl but there perfect ending to a perfect season would end when Eli Manning threw a pass to Plaxico Burress. This is known as one of the biggest upsets in Superbowl History
  • Number 1

    Steelers beat the Arizona Cardinals and are now the number one team in the NFL. This Superbowl win put them above everyone with the most Superbowl Wins