History of the Sampler

By Amphix
  • Moog Modular Synthesizer I

    Moog Modular Synthesizer I
  • EMS - Synthi VCS-3

    EMS - Synthi VCS-3
    The EMS Synthi VCS-3 - Which stands for Voltage Controlled Studio with 3 Oscillators - was the first non-modular mini-synth.
  • Moog Minimoog

    Moog Minimoog
    The first monophonic analogue synthesizer, complete with keyboard.
  • ARP Pro Soloist

    ARP Pro Soloist
    Was the first monophonic synthesizer that came with presets.
  • Buchla - 500

    Buchla - 500
    A micro-controlled polyphonic analogue synthesizer, it was also programmable as you could save patches to floppy.
  • NED - Synclavier

    NED - Synclavier
    The first digital synthesizer and music workstation.
  • Roland - SH3a

    Roland - SH3a
    This was the first commercial additive synthesizer.
  • Oberheim - OB1

    Oberheim - OB1
    The first commercial programmable mono synth.
  • PPG - Wavecomputer 360

    PPG - Wavecomputer 360
    This was the first wavetable synthesizer.
  • Yamaha - DX7

    Yamaha - DX7
    First succesful / commercial FM synthesizer.
  • Casio - CZ101

    Casio - CZ101
    First battery-powered all digital mini-synth
  • Seer Systems - Reality

    Seer Systems - Reality
    The first Modular Soft Synth