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History of the Portable Music Player

By esb210
  • Period: to

    1950 - 2011

  • The Transistor Radio

    The Transistor Radio
    Battery powered, portable AM radio. Initial Cost: $49.95 (approximently $406.00 in 2011)
  • Sony Walkman

    Sony Walkman
    Battery powered, cassette-based audio device with headphones. Future models had radio, recording, cassette, and disc options. 1979 Cost: $200 (approximently $600.00 in 2011)
  • Boombox

    Appeared in the late 1970s, but gained popularity during the 1980s. The boombox is a portable stereo with two large speakers, cassette player, and radio tuner. Costs ranged from a couple hundred dollars to $700+
  • Sony Discman

    Sony Discman
    Sony's stationary and portable CD player. 1984 cost: $350 (approximently $750.00 in 2011)
  • Various Digital Music Players

    Various Digital Music Players
    Between 1998 - 2000, various companies designed and released mp3 players. Many held about one hour of music, and were PC friendly. Costs ranged from $200 - $1000 dollars (approximently $250 - $1250 in 2011).
  • iPod Era

    iPod Era
    10/23/01: Apple releases the iPod classic. First generation iPod was only Mac compatible. Second generation was Mac & PC compatible, worked with iTunes. Cost: $399 ($500 in 2011)
  • Smart Phone Era

    Smart Phone Era
    Smart phones, such as the iPhone, are replacing iPods as digital music players