History of the Musical Device Crystal G.

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  • Accordion

    Created by Charles Wheatstone. A combination of pressing keys and pressing/expanding the air bellows produced the necessary sound.
  • Phonograph

    Created by Thomas Alva Edison. They became so popular drug stroes began selling the 45 rpm records. Played these records with the sound coming out of the visible horn.
  • Gramophone

    Needed to be hand-cranked. Created 10 years after the phonograph with almost 100% visibly better sound quality. This is the first device to ever play flat records.
  • Records

    Records have been produced in wide ranges and were first invented and introduced in 1912 with the Victrola Model record player.
  • Theremin

    The loop atenna sighted on the left controls the volume, and the upright antenna on the right controls the pitch. This is an electronic musical instrument controlled without discernible physical contact to any musical device to play music out loud.
    en.wikipedia.org/wiki/ThereminCached - Similar
  • Round-Topped Jukebox

    Round-Topped Jukebox
    Also referred to as "the bubbler". The majority of production was after world war 2. This product was at very high demand due to the advertisement presented by Wurlitzer.
  • Regency TR-1

    Regency TR-1
    I.D.E.A' creation, the very first portable transistor radio! Created back in 1954 this radio measured 3″ x 5″ x 1.25″ and contained an analog AM turner. Over the years this device came out in various colors, starting at a bone white and building up to a variety of soft colors (Lavender, Pink, Blue)
  • Record Player

    Record Player
    More modern record player. This record player is equipped with an electric motor and no longer needs to be cranked.
  • Clarinet

    This is a single-reed woodwinfd instrument complete with a cylindrical tube. A combination of keys and blowing though the front of the instrument creates a sound.
  • KLH Model 11 Portable

    KLH Model 11 Portable
    The KLH Model 11 was the very first portable STEREO. This was the first transistorized stereo system, and featured a record player, amplifier and two speakers than folded into a suitcase, imporving portability. This did not run on batteries, only on A/C power, but is still considered a Milestone.
  • Phillips Conpact Cassette and the Norelco Carry-Corder 150

    Phillips Conpact Cassette and the Norelco Carry-Corder 150
    In this year (1965) Phillips realeased the first ever cassette tape. The original use of the cssette was to record dictations, ect. but could record up to 45 minutes of sound of a 1/8 inch tape. This carry-corder ran on 5 flashlight batteries and weighed over 3 pounds fully loaded! Eventually cassette tapes were being sold at approximatley 6 dollars a peice and dominated the musical world for the next 2 ceturies.
  • Boombox

    Most popular in the 80's. The boombox weighed 12 pounds excluding batteries and played only cassette tapes.
  • Sony Walkman TPS-L2

    Sony Walkman TPS-L2
    Back in the 1970'sand 1980's Sony owned miniaturization and when the year 1979 came they introduced the first ever self-contained music system, the Walkman TPS-L2. This device was SLIGHTLY larger than a cassette tape itself, and was equipped with only a pair of lightweight headphones; it also ran on just AA batteries, The Walkman sold for 33,000 Japenese Yen, or $274.00 U.S. dollars today.
  • Home Theater System

    Home Theater System
    Dolby Surround was the first company to ever manufacture this device. It comes with a reciever, preamp, surround sound decoder, and an amplifier.
  • Sony Discman D-50

    Sony Discman D-50
    This device was created due to the over taking of CD's ridding cassette tapes. Sony felt the need to update their Walkman so in 1984, they released the very first D-50 portable CD player, being the first ever digital music player it was a HUGE marvel. The Discman D-50 was just slightly larger than a CD case and offered all the great audio quality that digital recordings had to offer.
  • SaeHan / Eiger Labs MPMan F10

    SaeHan / Eiger Labs MPMan F10
    This device didn't come from any of the HUGE selling portable music or musical device producers as many think, it came from a Korean company by the name of SaeHan. This device featured 32MB of Ram, and held about 8 average length tracks (approximatley 32 minutes of music). The MPMan was introduced to stories in the summer of 1998 and ran on a NiMH battery pack since the player ran on soli state memory it held about 9 hours of battery life.
  • MODERN MP3 Player

    MODERN MP3 Player
    The actual inventor of the first working MP3 player was Tamislav Uzelac.. Portable digital files with enhanced techonology.
  • First apple iPod

    First apple iPod
    The iPod combined a 5GB hard drive with a rechargeable battery pack and a paradigm breaking user interface. Marketed by Steve Jobs as “1000 songs in your pocket,” It had a more sleek design than the other mp3 players previously released.
  • MP4 Player

    MP4 Player
    Archos, a French company developed the first ever mp4 player. Mainly produced in China. These devices can display videos, text files, images, and play music. This device can do and display multiple different things.
  • iPod Nano

    iPod Nano
    The second generation iPod brought touch controls to reality. This device was much smaller and came in the colors black or white, and with 2GB or 4GB memory only.
  • CD Player Shoe

    CD Player Shoe
    This device is a running shoe combined with a CD player. This really shows how far technology has come since the first devices. This shoe plays CD's with no problem but playing it while running always creates risks of skipping CD's.
  • iPod Touch

    iPod Touch
    This iPod touch combines a multi graphical screen to the already highly evolved iPod series. The iTouch has a phone also in cellular form. The most recent iTouches have 64GB of memory.