History of the Lightbulb

Timeline created by 23lmcdonald
  • First lightbulb invented

    First lightbulb invented
    In the year 1802 Humphry Davy invented the first electric light bulb. He was experimenting with electricity and created an electric battery. He then connected wires and carbon and the carbon started to glow. This produced light and the first Lightbulb was born.
  • Incandescent Lightbulb

    Incandescent Lightbulb
    An incandescent Lightbulb is an electric light that uses a fire filament. When it is heated up to a very high temperature it glows producing visible light. It is protected from oxidisation in a glass bulb that is filled with a vacuum. The first practical incandescent light that was sold commercially was invented by Thomas Alva Edison.
  • Fluorescent Lamps

    Fluorescent Lamps
    Peter Cooper Hewitt developed the first commercial mercury vapour lamp. It is today used as the basis for all our fluorescent lamps. These lights are low-pressure discharge lamps that use fluorescence to make a light that is visible to the human eye
  • LED’s

    The LED is a semiconductor source of light that creates a glow when current flows through it. Electrons in the semiconductor mix with electron holes, which the releases energy in the form of photons to create light. This light was invented by Nick Holonyak in 1963