History of the IPhone

  • First IPhone being relased

    The IPhone went on sale at 6:00 PM. Every full time person that worked for apple got a free IPhone
  • IPhone 3G release date

    The second IPhone was released on this date. This new IPhone had a glossy back cover.
  • IPhone 3GS release date

    The 3rd Iphone to be realeased
  • Release date for the IPhone 4

    Many people were hoping this IPhone was going to have a bigger screen.
  • IPhone 4S release date

    From the outside the IPhone 4S is looks the same, but on the inside it is much better. Apple said that the 4S can be up to two times faster than the IPhone 4.
  • IPhone 5 Release

    IPhone 5 Release
    IPhone 5 was the first IPhone with a bigger screen.