History Of The Firearm

  • Period: Apr 8, 1200 to

    Histroy of Firearms

  • Apr 8, 1232

    Invention of Gunpowder

    Th echinese invented gunpowder and used it as a rocket
  • Apr 8, 1400

    Matchlock guns

    The invention of mechanically firing guns
  • Apr 8, 1509

    Wheel Lock guns

    The invention of wheel lock guns which replaced the wicks
  • Flintlock

    The flintlock did two things mechanically, it opened the lid of the flash pan and provided an igniting spark.
  • Percussion Cap guns

    Invented by Reverend John Forsyth - firing mechanism no longer uses flash pan, a tube lead straight into the gun barrel, the tupe had an exposive cap on it that exploded when struck
  • Colt Revolver

    First mass-produced, multi-shot, revolving firearms
  • Shotguns

    The shotguns were invented and were used for close-range combat
  • Gatling Gun

    Doctor Richard Gatling patented the Gatling Gun, a six-barreled weapon capable of firing a (then) phenomenal 200 rounds per minute. The Gatling gun was a hand-driven, crank-operated, multi-barrel, machine gun. The first machine gun with reliable loading, the Gatling gun had the ability to fire sustained multiple bursts
  • Borchardt pistol

    Automatic handgun with a separate magazine in the grip
  • First automatic gun

    The first asutomatic gun was invented allowing for faster fire rate
  • First Submachine Gun

    The submachine gun is a fully automaic firearm whih uses pistol cartridges and was the primary weopon of the soldiers who fought in trenches
  • Thompson Gun

    The thomy gun was famoous in the prohibition era and was used by the mafia and also the police. It was also referred to as the chicago typewriter along with many other names
  • Jungle Style

    In approximately 1943 the jungle style was invented which invloved having two clips stuck together which made it easier to reload. This is referred to has dual mags