History of the Apple iPhone

  • 1976

    Apple Computer Company is founded by Steve Wozniak, Steve Jobs, and Ron Wayne.
  • 1977

    Apple Computer, Inc. is officially created after the company is incorporated. Mike Markkula invests $92,000 in Apple, with intent to invest $250,000.
  • 1979

    November: Jobs takes his first visit to PARC in exchange for allowing Xerox to invest $1 million in Apple.
  • 1980

    Summer: Jobs hires 15 Xerox employees to work on the Lisa Project.
  • 1981

    January: Jobs forces himself into the Macintosh Project, after earlier dismissing and often trying to cancel it.
  • 1982

    January 22: Jobs convinces Bill to write a basic interpreter for the Mac. This will become the failed ms basic
    July 30: The applications bundled with the Lisa finally work together under the os for the first time.
  • 1983

    January 19: The Lisa is introduced for $9998. The Apple IIe is introduced for $1395, later aguably becoming the most successful and most popular Apple computer. It will be produced for 10 and a half more years.
  • 1983

    April 8: Jobs convinces John Sculley, tehn president of PepsiCo, to become president and CEO of Apple.
  • 1983

    October 7: The Macintosh Introduction Plan, a list of popular developers and celebrities that are invited to beta-test the Mac, is written.
  • 1986

    January: Apple settles law suit against Jobs out of court. Jobs agrees not to hire any Apple employees for 6 months, and to always make computers that are more powerful than anything Apple has to offer.
    February: Jobs finishes selling all but one of his 6.5 million shares of stock to begin Next, Inc.
  • 1987

    January 3: Apple celebrates its tenth birthday. A coffee table book, So Far, later chronicles the experiences of the last ten years.
  • 1988

    October 12: the Next Computer is released for $6500. Apple's newest Mac was half as fast, with no peripherals for $1000 more.
  • 1997

    January 24: Mac, the first part of Apple's new OS strategy, is released exactly 13 years after the introduction of the Macintosh.
    January 26: Steve Jobs, back as an "advisor" due to the NeXT deal, announces the future of Rhapsody, Mac OS 8, Allegro, and Sonata, the Mac, NeXT, and Apple in general at Macworld Expo.
  • 1998

    January 7: Jobs announces a projected $47 million profit for the first quarter at Macworld Expo, finally bringing Apple back to profitability.
  • 2010

    Apple comes out with the iPhone 4GS