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History of Text Messaging and IM

  • History of IM

    History of IM
    The history of IM is wide, spanning over three decades of new developments and innovations. From peer-to-peer protocol to multi-protocol IM clients like Digsby and Adium, the industry has come a long way from its roots in the 1970s.
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    Text messaging/IM History

  • First software

    First software
    August, 1982 Quantum Link, a software package for the Commodore 64 computer, allows users to send online messages for an additional per-minute fee.
  • Teachers and Students

    Teachers and Students
    1983 Washington High School student Mark Jenks creates "Talk," giving students and teachers the opportunity to communicate through digital messaging boards and first-generation e-mail boxes.
  • Channels

    August, 1988 Internet Relay Chat is created by Jarkko Oikarinen, giving the world a means to communicate through text-based messaging in multi-user groups called "channels."
  • Irsh Wireless company

    Brennan Hayden, who was an engineer in the 1990s for an Irish wireless company, Aldiscon, which invested in text messaging, said few people in telecommunications believed at the time that it would take off as a communications medium of its own. In June 1993, Hayden sent the first commercial text message in Los Angeles. His SMS, meant to signify the birth of a new form of communications, was "burp."
  • SMS Text Messages

    SMS Text Messages
    At first, text messaging has not been very popular since it was designed primarily to be used by the hearing impaired. During the 1990s only few messages were being sent through SMS.
  • AOL Software

    AOL Software
    October, 1991 Quantum Link changes its name to America Online; begins development of AOL software, including AIM.
  • The First Text Message

    On December 3, 1992 in the United Kingdom, the first SMS messaging was used in a commercial sent through a Vodafone GSM network. The SMS message was sent by Neil Papworth with the use of a desktop computer.
  • ICQ

    November, 1996 Mirabilis releases ICQ, which allows users to send real-time instant messages over the Internet.
  • ICQ use instqnt messaging through the internet

    ICQ use instqnt messaging through the internet
    November, 1996 Mirabilis releases ICQ, which allows users to send real-time instant messages over the Internet.
  • THe First IM capabilities

    THe First IM capabilities
    July 22, 1999 Windows launches MSN Messenger, featuring simple IM capabilities, a contact list and access to AIM buddies.
  • Increase of Text Messaiging

    Increase of Text Messaiging
    But during the year 2000, there have been a gradual increase in the use of text messaging.
  • Buddy List

    Buddy List
    May, 2000 the multi-protocol IM client Jabber launches, allowing IM users to access all their buddy lists within one client for the first time.
  • AIM/ICQ/MASN Messanger

    AIM/ICQ/MASN Messanger
    Nov. 29, 2000 Trillian, a multi-protocol IM, gives users the ability to chat with friends on AIM, ICQ and MSN Messenger within one client, in addition to giving the buddy list greater organization through color coding.
  • Google/Gmail

    August 24, 2005 Google launches Google Talk, featuring IM capabilities, contact lists and interoperability within Gmail.
  • MSN Messaganger

    MSN Messaganger
    Dec. 13, 2005 MSN Messenger changes its name to Windows Live Messenger, offering offline messaging, stronger search capabilities, a modified contact list and greater personalization options.
  • Philippines and Texting

    Philippines and Texting
    Because of this, the Philippines have been considered as the text capital of the world. On 2007 alone, there are 42.70 million people who are subscribers of mobile phones.