History of Tablets

Timeline created by yokoandrew
  • Apple

    Apple began their tablet project which they considered to release three different devices
  • The first sold

    The first sold
    AT&T had put their EO personal communicator on sale and was the first to be commercially avaiable.
  • Atari tablet

    Atari made their first tablet but it did not make it to selling
  • Webook

    The webook company released their internet based tablet
  • Palm inc

    They had a tablet created after the palm pilot
  • Intel

    Intel announced their first touch screen tablet
  • Micrsoft

    Microsoft releases their first tablet the pocket pc
  • Top selling Tablet

    Top selling Tablet
    The samsung was rated most sold and best selling
  • Apple

    Apple introduced their first ipad which was the first of its series
  • Apple

    It was the first tablet which had size and power on its side
  • Google Nexus

    It was the most multi functional tablet avaible giving freedom of choice to people
  • Period: to

    The first tablet computer