History of Steve Jobs

  • The birth

    The birth
    Steve Jobs was born San Francisco. He is adopted by Clara and Paul Jobs, who name him Steven Paul Jobs and raise him in the suburbs of Mountain View and Los Altos, California.
  • Period: to

    Steve Jobs life

  • Apples beginnger

    Apples beginnger
    Steve Jobs and Ron Wayne find apple before they found apple Steve and Ron both worked for Atari
  • Apple ll

    Apple ll
    Wozniak and Jobs introduce the Apple II, which becomes one of the first successful personal computers.
  • Going public

    Going public
    apple goes public at $US22 a share
  • The lisa

    The lisa
    Apple realease the lisa which was a commerical failure
  • Getting fired

    Getting fired
    Jobs start NeXT computers which builds educatonal computers
  • Pixar

    Jobs then buys Lucas-computer shop graphics and then names it pixar
  • No more computers

    No more computers
    NeXt decides to stop making computers and lays off more that 540 employees
  • Jobs Rehired

    Jobs Rehired
    Apple says it will buy NeXT for $US400 million and rehire Jobs as a consultant to help the company revamp its flagship Macintosh software. The third-largest PC maker says it will incorporate NeXT's technology into the next version of the Mac operating system.
  • Jobs back in charge

    Jobs back in charge
    After 17 months of being apples chairman Gilbert Amelio is forced to resign.Jobs later becomes interim CEO while Apple searches for a new leader.
  • Retails stores

    Retails stores
    apple opens retail stores to get more business
  • Ipod

    Apple revails its fist portable music player.
  • Itunes

    Apple reavails its online music store Itunes
  • Cancer

    Jobs is told that he has a rare form of cancer
  • Pixar

    Disney annouces it will buy Pixar making jobs the biggest paceholder
  • ipad

    Jobs introduces the ipad which sells 7.3 million tablets
  • ipad 2

    ipad 2
    Jobs says about the ipad after he leaves the hospital
  • Jobs retires

    Jobs retires
    Jobs resigns as Apple CEO, handing the reins to Cook and taking the title of chairman. “I have always said if there ever came a day when I could no longer meet my duties and expectations as Apple's CEO.
  • The death

    The death
    Steve jobs dies after an amazing life of apples ceo