History of sports

  • mob ball

    Two different parishes would try and getthe ball from one side of the parish to the other. You could use your hands. The first team to get the ball to the other parish won.
  • cambridge rules

    Soccer was brought into the schools and cambridge rules were adopted. This meant that picking the ball up and kicking other people was prohibted by these rules
  • Industrial revolution

    There was little time for workers to take part in leisure activities, most people spent there time on the land. During the industrial revolution people still worked long hours, there for they did not have much leisure time. Even though people chnaged the nature of their work they still did not have any free time to do leisure activities. People moved into towns and started to form communities.
  • effects of industrial revolution

    The effect of the industrial revolution meant that people did not have any time to play any sports such as soccer.
  • Influence of public schools

    Boarding schools were started and children of all ages would have lots of spare time on there hands after there classes were finished. The schools decided to organise sporting activities to keep them occupied.
  • FIFA was started

    FIFA was created and established leagues and a sporting body to make sure that all games were carried out fairly and made sure that they conducted properly with qualified referees.
  • FIFA leagues

    FIFA establish leagues across europe. The english league, spanish and german legaue were all created by fifa so that a bigger compettition could be started across a wider range of the world. Fifa eventually entraduced the europa legaue and champions legaue to bring all of the best club teams in the world together.
  • influence of war

    War meant that there was less time for lesure activities such as football and rugby. Famlies were working longer hours and women were staring to work more also. This made people lose intrest in their sporting lifes outside of work and soly concentrate on work.
  • world cup

    The first world cup event of countries playing against each other was held in uraguay. This started a tradition of playing the world cup every 4 years in a different country. it stopped for 8 years during world war 2
  • womens football

    The WFA (womens football assocation) this was started in 1969 and with in three years a woman FA cup was played. Arsenal ladies have since gone on to win the biggest trophy in womens football the EUFA cup
  • The premier legaue

    The premier legaue was formed in 1992/93 and has gone on to become one of the most watched and exciting legaues in the world. Manchester united where the first team to win the legaue and went on to win it 13 times Arsenal have won it 3 times manchester city have won it 2 times blackburn have won it once and chelsea being last seasons winners have won it 4 times.
  • Sky/BT coverage

    Sky tv services have been covering the premier league from the very start and offers varous deals and packages were as BT sport has only came into the picture in the last 3 years offering anyone who is usuing BT broadband free BT sport packages
  • womens world cup

    The first womens world cup game is held in the USA and is sold out to over 90,000 people. It has since gone on to be shown on tv during the summer.