History of soccer

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  • 5,000 BCE

    A dangerous game

    A dangerous game
    When soccer was in its early ages, there were no rules. So you would imagine lots of pushing. There was also no referee. Due to all the pushing lots of people got seriously injured maybe even also death(soccermaniak.com)
  • -60 BCE

    Soccer's beginning

    Soccer's beginning
    You would imagine that there would be no referee and there were no rules. Lots of pushing happened around this time. Some people while playing soccer even got injured.(soccermaniak.com)
  • 1331

    King Edward bans soccer?!?

    King Edward bans soccer?!?
    Around 1331, Soccer was still played roughly. So that gave a reason for King Edward the third to make it a law that soccer was banned. THe reason he banned soccer is because the people were not giving enough focus in archery.(soccermaniak.com
  • 1457

    King James bans soccer?!?

    King James bans soccer?!?
    King James also bans soccer in 1457. King James banned soccer for the sake of archery. People were more interested in soccer than in archery.
  • The first soccer ball

    The first soccer ball
    Charles GoodYear made the first ever soccer ball. With a lot of experimenting he mostly made his soccer balls out of rubber. THe crazy fact is he also made his footballs out of pigs bladders! But it would rely on the size and shape.(soccermaniak.com)
  • First official soccer game

    First official soccer game
    The first official soccer game finally happened. The match was between Scotland and England. It was held in Glasgow Scotland.It was played on November 30, 1872. (Preceden)
  • who what when and where did countries start playing soccer?

    who what when and where did countries start playing soccer?
    As early as 1872 British countries start playing soccer. Including Ireland and Scotland played soccer in the early times of soccer.(Study.com)
  • New Rule!

    New Rule!
    William Crum made the penalty kick a rule. In 1890 the rule was created. He even made it in Ireland! (Soccer Entertainment)
  • Olympics includes soccer

    Olympics includes soccer
    In 1908 soccer was finally played in the olympics for the first time. In 1908 Great Britain won the soccer olympics. 6 teams played that year and 6 matches were held.(soccermaniak.com/history.timeline)
  • Today’s generation

    Today’s generation
    Today soccer is a sport that most people play. There are many rules and you can even play soccer. It is a professional sport that gets played mostly everywhere. Next time you want to play soccer, take your shot!