History of Snowboarding

  • Sherman Poppen

    Sherman Poppen
    Poppen built a snowboard out of plastic planks.
  • Period: to

    History to Present

  • Snurfer

    Poppen started production of his snurfers.
  • Snurfer gains popularity

    Snurfer gains popularity
    Over half a million snurfers were sold.
  • Dimitrije Milovich

    Dimitrije Milovich
    Milovich started making snowboards after sliding down some hills on a cafeteria plate in college.
  • Winterstick

    Milovich started a new company called Winterstick.
  • Jake Burton Carpenter

    Jake Burton Carpenter
    Jake Burton Carpenter designed wooden snowboards with bindings that secured his feet to the board. The board also had waterski foot traps. That exact same year, he founded Burton Snowboards in Londonderry, Vermont.
  • Tom Sims

    Tom Sims
    Sims produced his first snowboard after he got the idea in his shop class in Junior High.
  • World Snurfing Championships

    World Snurfing Championships
    The first ever World Snurfing Championships was held at Pando Winter Sports Park near Grand Rapids, Michigan. Carpenter entered the championships with his own board and won in his own division.
  • First American National Race

    First American National Race
    The first U.S. race was held near Woodstock, Vermont at Suicide Six.
  • World Championship Halfpipe

    World Championship Halfpipe
    The first World Championship halfpipe competition was held at Soda Springs, California.
  • Snowboarding World Cup

    Snowboarding World Cup
    Snowboarding became an official sport: in 1985, the first World Cup was held in Zürs, Austria.
  • ISF

    The International Snowboard Federation (ISF) was founded in 1990 to provide universal contest regulations.
  • Winter Olympic Sport

    Winter Olympic Sport
    Snowboarding became a winter olympic sport.
  • World Snowboarding Tour

    World Snowboarding Tour
    Snowboarders formed the World Snowboarding Tour.