history of skateboarding

Timeline created by emilysnyder
  • 1950 the first skateboads

    surfers created a way to surf on land.
  • 1963 skating becomes a sport

    during this time skatin became very popular and they now hold compotitions for the new sport.
  • freestyle

    freestyle is the first style of skating on the skateboard it is more like a surfing style f skating
  • 1965 down hill

    skating became known as a one hit wonder and faded away but still people kept skating no matter what the press had to say.
  • Larry Stevenson

    in 1970 Larry Stevenson invented a new kind of skateboard called a kicktale and brought skateboaring back to fame
  • Frank Nasworthy

    in 1972 Frank Nasworthy created Urethane wheels for the skateboard that made it easier to glide and do tricks and pull off stunts.
  • the ollie

    Alan Gelfand created a new trick in skateboarding called "ollie"
  • Slalom

    Slalomskateboarding is just advaced skating with cones.
  • video games

    skateboarding is a hit! an they start to make this sport into a video game version
  • skateboarding now

    skateboarding has evolved so much from how the skateboard looks to how it is a sport today. teams for skating were created and now skateboaders are considered professional athetes