History of Rock Music

  • Birth

    1950's bring the birth of Rock and Roll
  • Diffrent types

    Diffrent types
    ranged from rhythm, gospel...etc
  • Pop charts

    Pop charts
    takes over pop charts for the first time.
  • Variety of Genres

    Variety of Genres
    Alot of different Genres.
    Ex: motown, folk music, heavy metal..etc
  • Tons of artists

    Tons of artists
    Many artists such as jimi hendrix, the rolling stones, the beatles and much more
  • 70's music

    70's music
    Became the popular form of music
  • Bands

    -Led Zeppelin was 70's popular band
    -"Hippie" bands consisted of Pink Floyd, Sex Pistols, The Clash..etc. (simplified rock)
    -other bands popular in this era where The Ramones, Black Sabbath...
  • 80's

    80's albums where more important than singles
  • Movies!

    -Many 80's music was in movies.
    -Was very optimistic and upbeat
  • 90's

    -rock music continued generes such as Grunge, Alternative and much more became popular.
  • 90's Bands!

    90's Bands!
    Some bands: Nirvana, The Pixies, Red hot chili peppers, Madonna. etc.