History of Rock and Roll

  • World War 2 ends

    World War 2 ends
    Before the end of World War 2, many teenagers and children started to rebell against their parents and their upbringings.
  • spread of new musical genre

    spread of new musical genre
    Due to post-war urbanization, much of the music which originated from African American Gospels and Blues, was spread and blended with the urban cities music.
  • End of war brings prosperity

    End of war brings prosperity
    With the war finally over and the economy prospering it gave way to much of the youth to invest into their favorite bands and artists.
  • The spread of Rock and Roll

    The spread of Rock and Roll
    Alan Freed, who is credited for coming up with the term "Rock and Roll," lauched a radio show which would expose more people with the new musical genre.
  • Rock and Roll becomes banned

    Rock and Roll becomes banned
    With the middle class parents trying to end their teenagers rebelious phase, they are pushed to drastic measures. Subsequently with trying to end the rebellious teen phase, the white parents banned Rock from being aired due to hostility towards race and social class,
  • Cultural to Political changes in Rock

    Cultural to Political changes in Rock
    Towards the 60's Rock will go from challenging the status quo culture to challenging the political authority. Many artist will now start to incorperate politics into their songs and give millions of people a voice.
  • worldwide spead of rock

    worldwide spead of rock
    For the first time in history American bands will begin to dominate with the united kingdom in the billboards. From this garage bands will arise.
  • Society divided upon war

    Society divided upon war
    Rock gave people a way to engage in the political and social beliefs which contradicted what America stood for. It also revealed a society torn apart by war and equality.
  • Black Sabbath

    Black Sabbath
    Black Sabbath will release 3 top albums with in 2 years, increasing the popularity of hard core rock.
  • Beatles break up

    Beatles break up
    With the political band The Beatles breaking up, it gave way for other bands and rock styles to dominate the billboard charts.