History of Robots

Timeline created by _latayviaa_
  • R.U.R.

    by the Czech writer Karel Capek. The plot was simple: man
    creates a robot to replace him and then robot kills man!
  • first tele-operated

    first tele-operated
    Raymond Goertz designed the first tele-operated articulated arm for the
    Atomic Energy Commission. This is generally regarded as a major milestone
    in force feedback (haptic) technology. (US Patent 2679940) [4]

    UNIMATE for "Universal Automation." (US patent 2 998 237) [4]
    Later, in
    1956, George Devol and Joseph Engelberger formed the world's first robot
    company “Unimation” which stands for “universal automation”.
  • P3

    Honda created the P3, the second major step in creating their ASIMO. The P3
    was Honda’s first completely autonomous humanoid robot.
  • Kismet

    Dr. Cynthia created Kismet, a robotic creature that interacted emotionally
    with people.

    robotic development product line,
    which is a system for inventing robots using a modular design and LEGO
    plastic bricks.
  • Edinburg Modular Arm System (EMAS)

    Edinburg Modular Arm System (EMAS)
    Campbell Aird was fitted with the first bionic arm called the Edinburg
    Modular Arm System (EMAS).
  • robot fish

    robot fish
    Mitsubishi created a robot fish. The intention was to create a robotic version of
    an extinct species of fish
  • Cye robot

    Cye robot
    It performed a variety of household
    chores, such as delivering mail, carrying dishes, and vacuuming. It was
    created by Probotics Inc. [4]

    It was successfully launched and worked to assemble the
    International Space Station. [4]