History Of Ping Pong

  • What is Ping Pong?

    What is Ping Pong?
    sportPing Pong is a sport in wich two or four players hit a lightweight, hollow ball back and forth using table tennis rackets.
  • Adaptation

    [New](Adaption of lawn tennis to the dining table with improvised equipment.)Adaptation of lawn tennis to the dining table with improvised equipment.
  • Beginning Of Ping Pong

    Beginning Of Ping Pong
    BeginningPing Pong also called "Tble Tennis" originated in England.
  • Parker Brothers

    Parker Brothers
    Parker BrothersParker Brothers began making an indoor table tennis kit that included portable net, a small ball covered in netting, and paddles.
  • First ping pong

    First ping pong
    Dining tablePing pong was discovered and played in dining room tables.
  • Celluloid balls

    Celluloid balls
    Celluloid Ping Pong balls are made of celluloid from the nitration of cellulose from cotton.
  • Books Of Knowledge

    Books Of Knowledge
    BookFirst books of ping pong published in England.
  • Creation of Associations

    Creation of Associations
    Associations"The Table Tennis Association" and "The Ping Pong Association" were formed in England.
  • Laws of the game

    Laws of the game
    LawsEstablisment of standard laws of the game in England.
  • Sides of the Racket

    Sides of the Racket
    rulesPing pong rackets must be black on one side of the blade, and bright red on the other.This is to determine wich side of the bat has been used.
  • ITTF

    ITTFInternational Table Tennis Federation makes the regulations, technological improvements and its the governing body for all table tennis associations.
  • The Table

    The Table
    TableThe ping pong table must be 9 ft long, 5 ft wide, and 30 inches high.
  • Geometry of the ball

    Geometry of the ball
    GeometryA table tennis ball must be 40 mm in diamiter.The ball should also be white or orange and must weight 2.7 grams.
  • Intersting fact

    Intersting fact
    factIn 1930-1950 table tennis was banned in the Soviet Union, it was believed that it was harmful for the eyes.
  • Longest Ping Pong

    Longest Ping Pong
    Longest timeThe longest ping pong took place in Prague, Czechoslovakia.Over 2 hours.
  • South America

    South America
    [Association in South America](Adaption of lawn tennis to the dining table with improvised equipment.)First continental association formed: South America.
  • Outside of Europe

    Outside of Europe
    OutsideFirst championship held outside of Europe; Cairo, Egypt.
  • Asian Federaation

    Asian Federaation
    ASIAN federationBegining of the Asian Federation.
  • China Enters

    China Enters
    ChinaChina enters the championships for the first time.
  • Year Changes

    Year Changes
    2 years2 year[2 year cycle](Adaption of lawn tennis to the dining table with improvised equipment.)Worl Championships changes to a two year cycle.
  • First champion

    First champion
    ChampionRong Guotuan is the first chinese world champion in any sport.
  • Racket Improvement

    Racket Improvement
    RacketRacket standardization laws enacted
  • African Championships

    African Championships
    ChampionshipsFirst All Africa championships, Alexandria, Egypt.
  • Veteran Battle

    Veteran Battle
    VeteransFirst veteran championships held in Gothenburg, Sweden.
  • Olympic Ping Pong

    Olympic Ping Pong
    OlympicsPing Pong becomes an Olympic sport.
  • Olympic Medals

    Olympic Medals
    MedalsIn the summer of 1988 ping pong became a medal olympic sport in Seoul.
  • World power

    World power
    PowerSince 1990 Sweden, China and Korea have dominated this sport.
  • Scoring

    Changing scoreScoring changes from 21 to 11 points.
  • Youth Olympic Games

    Youth Olympic Games
    Youth OlympicsTable Tennis is now part of the Youth Olympic Games.
  • Table Tennis In The World

    Table Tennis In The World
    todayThere are 140 countries affiliated with the In international Table Tennis Federation.