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History of Physical Education

  • 500

    Greek and Roman influence 500-300 BCE

    Greek and Roman influence  500-300 BCE
    gymnastics was considered physical training from the Greek and Roman era. However, physical training related to fighting in combat, particularly men.
  • Dec 5, 600

    youtube birth of olympic games

    youtube birth of olympic games
  • AAHPERD 1885

    AAHPERD 1885
    American Alliance for Health, Physical Education, Recreation, and Dance established by William G. Anderson. Brought people together with common interest to learn more about the field. Marked birth of P.E. as profession.
  • Muscular Christianity 1885

    Muscular Christianity 1885
    philosophy that made fitness compatible with christian standards of living. Transition of moving away from Puritan values, making P.E. part of school and college curriculum.
  • Boston Conference 1889

    Boston Conference 1889
    Organized by Amy Morris Homans, was a pivotal development of P.E. in America because it brought important people to evaulate activities regarding P.E.
  • P.E. curricular field 1891

    P.E. curricular field 1891
    physical education recognized as curricular field by national Education Association
  • New Physical Education 1893

    New Physical Education 1893
    End of era in which gymnastics dominated physical education curriculum and marked beginning of modern era.
  • NCAA formed 1905

    NCAA formed 1905
    demonstrates the growth of college sports on campus. Transition where fitness/ sport turns from need for physical training to fight in combat to social function (modern era of competition).
  • college for women 1909

    college for women 1909
    National Association of Physical Education for College Women initiated.
  • college intramural programs 1913

    college intramural programs 1913
    Michigan State and Ohio State are first collegic university to provide intramural programs for students.
  • Recreation formed 1930

    Recreation formed 1930
    National Recreation Association formed
  • Introduction of Physical Education

    Introduction of Physical Education
    Intro to clip of emergence of Physical Education