History of Personal Music Devices

  • Walkman

    The grandaddy of portable stereos is the Sony Walkman, introduced in July 1979 and originally called the Soundabout Model TPS-L2 cassette player.
  • Portable CD Player

    The Portable CD player (later called “Discman”), the D-50, was launched by Sony. This was the world's first portable CD player. Approximately the size of four CD cases, the body weighed 590g.
  • The First Ipod

    Apple presented the first Ipod. This mp3 player could hold up to 1,000 songs.
  • The iPod Mini

    Apple introduces iPod mini, available in five colors.
  • The iPod Shuffle

    Apple introduced iPod shuffle.
  • The iPod Nano

    iPod nano replaces the iPod mini and goes on to become the best selling music player ever.
  • The iPod Touch

    Apple unveils iPod touch with Multi-Touch interface and built-in Wi-Fi wireless networking.