History of Music Videos

By kitakco
  • Elvis Presley

    Elvis Presley recorded his first track in Sun Studios and helped to properly start off the Rock and Roll era.
  • The Beatles reach number 1 in America

    The Beatles appeared on a talkshow over in America and in a month their song "I wanna hold your hand" had hit number 1.
  • The Who.

    The Who started off the artistic quality to pop music with their outfits and their aggresive behaviour.
  • Black Sabbath

    Heavy Metal is born with the introduction of Black Sabbath and their heavy, screaming, angry music shouting about death and the devil.
  • Travolta and the Bee Gees.

    Disco comes public with their release of Saturday Night Fever which get's people into the disco and dancing age of white suits and slicked back hair.
  • MTV

    MTV was launched and the start of the music videos being as important as the actual song is really recognised now.
  • Michael Jackson

    Thriller. There isn't really many people who don't know about the iconic video for thriller that combines the dance moves with the artisticness and narrative into one video along with a song that pushed the edges of pop conventions.
  • Live Aid.

    The moment where pop was made into a sort of showbusiness style entertainment, though it did raise £50Million for charity.
  • Nirvana

    "Smells like teen spirit" was Nirvanas most well known record that first put them into the spotlight and mixed punk with metal.
  • The Spice Girls

    Hit number 1 with "Wannabe" after becoming one of the biggest pop/teen-pop stars of the time in a male dominated industry.
  • Current.

    Currently music videos are a mixture of artistory, showing off the artist and trying to come up with unique ideas in and industry that's slowly falling due to the introduction of the digital world such as Piratebay, YouTube and Limewire, etc.