History of music videos

By nayyar
  • Queen - Bohemian Rhapsody

    Queen - Bohemian Rhapsody
    This was considered the first proper music video to be created as it was directed and edited for that purpose alone. That it would be a music video
  • Blondie - Heart of glass

    Blondie - Heart of glass
    The Music video to this song was one of the first controversial videos shown by MTV. Controversy surrounding this music video was that is promoted punk/new wave behaviour. Which at that time was rioting and rebelling, Language such as 'Pain in the ass' at that time did not sit well with the BBC. But despite the controversy about Strong language and influencing rioting, this lead to the success of blondie making her popular amongst a younger audience.
  • Launch of MTV (24hour music video channel)

    Launch of MTV (24hour music video channel)
    MTV a 24hour music video channel was launched in 1981 airing 'Video killed the radio star'. MTV was a popular music marketing channel aswell as the music videos shown on this channel would be viewed by many therefore making it more popular etc. Mainstream popular music is shown by MTV. The launch of MTV was a key factor in the history of music videos as it is where nowadays most popular music videos are shown. MTV also aired music videos of artists of that time such as;Madonna & Duran duran.
  • Micheal Jackson - Thriller

    Micheal Jackson - Thriller
    This music video was one of the first to portray horror and such in a music video. At that time nothing like this had been done before and things in the video such as the zombies and werewolves etc caused controversy over it being too scary and showing demon related things which caused controversy with religious people, The huge controversy on the other hand couldve been a factor in making the success of the song.
  • Madonna - Like a virgin

  • Lady Gaga - Judas

    Lady Gaga - Judas
    This video highlights the change in music videos and how they are becoming more and more controversial. the video for Lady Gaga - Judas was seen as controversial with its references to religion which was sexualised.the costumes dance and so on showed this. she also compared to her relationship in the song as the one with judas and jesus. Almost all of lady gagas music videos are controversial and highlights a point in time where music videos now are very controversial.