history of music technology

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  • music boxes

    Music boxes appeared between 1800 and 1815, and represent probably the earliest example of music and technology.
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    music and technology

  • sound recourding

    experiments with recourding by thomas edison & emile berliner
  • Telephone

    Telephone was invented
  • gramophone

    emile beliner develops the gramophone in germany whitch leads to the develoment of the 78 rpm records
  • Records

    Records as we know them were first sold
  • Player Piano

    Player Piano
    Theodore P. Brown invented the Aerial Piano - the first commercial player piano.
  • Electrical hearing aid

    Electrical hearing aid
    Hutchison was the inventor of the first electrical hearing aid. It was also known as the microtelephone since it was essentially a self-contained version of the early telephone as invented by Alexander Graham Bell in the 1870s.
  • Broadcast music and speech radio invented

    Broadcast music and speech radio invented
  • Scheduled radio entertainment

    Scheduled radio entertainment
  • Amplifiers

    Amplifiers for record players and radios were first sold.
  • Tape recorder

    Tape recorder
    Tape recorder was invented.
  • Electric keyboard

    Electric keyboard
    Electric keyboard was invented.
  • Portable Music Player

    Portable Music Player
    The first portable music player - the transistor radio - came to be.
  • Drum machines

    Drum machines
    Drum machines invented
  • cds

    philips & sony lanch the digital compact disc or CD
  • auto-tune

    auto-tune (an audio processor originally created to disguise or correct off - pitch notes for both voice and guitar) is introduced by antares audio technologies based in california, USA.
  • i pod

    apple introduces the ipod
  • Jukeboxes

    Jukeboxes dominated US record sales.