History of Music Magazines Media Studies

  • Billboard Advertising Launched

    Billboard magazine founded in Cincinnati by William h. Donaldson and James Hennegan.
  • NME Launched

  • Rolling Stone Launched

  • Kerrang! is first published

    Possibly the biggest British music magazine and rock radio channel, Kerrang! started in 1981 and quickly became well known.
  • Q first published

  • Total Guitar Launched

    A magazine all about guitars and rock music, total guitar is one of the most succesful magazines in Europe.
  • Top of the Pops Launched

  • Q Magazine Website

    Launching its website in 1996, Q still holds the majority of its readers as physical buyers, buying actual magazines from shops, rather than reading online.
  • NME Website Launched

    Now the worlds biggest music site, NME launched its website in 1996. Most of its readers are online, and do not buy the magazine physically.
  • Q Radio Launched

    In June 2008, after a couple years of being a small radio jukebox, Q Radio was launched as a full radio station.