History of iPhones

  • Compitition

    The vast majority of smartphones back in 2007 had hardware keyboards and, if they touch screens at all, those screens were almost all resistive and came with a stylus pen to aid in usability. Mobile apps were inconsistent and the mobile web was pretty much limited to WAP browsers.
  • 1st iPhone Created

    1st iPhone Created
    On January 9, 2007 Steve Jobs put sneaker to stage to give one of the most incredible keynote presentations of his life—a life filled with incredible keynote presentations—and in the history of consumer electronics. He said he would be introducing a wide-screen iPod with touch controls, a revolutionary mobile phone, and a breakthrough internet device. But it wasn't three products. It was one product. We got it, Steve. It was the iPhone.
  • 2.0 Apps

    2.0 Apps
    On June 6, 2007 Steve Jobs again took to the stage at Moscone West, this time for Apple's Worldwide Developer Conference. He announced web 2.0 apps as the development platform but also announced something more: the launch date.
  • iPhone 3g is Announced

    iPhone 3g is Announced
    At WWDC 2008 on June 9, after finalizing the details of the upcoming App Store, and summing up the original iPhone's achievements, the late Steve Jobs] dove into the next set of challenges Apple had to face. On the surface, they were obvious even before Jobs bullet-pointed them on stage: 3G, Enterprise, third-party apps, more countries, and being more affordable. The software changes came as part of iPhone OS 2.0. The hardware, iPhone 3G.
  • The S is for Speed

    The S is for Speed
    Steve Jobs didn't give the WWDC keynote on June 8, 2009. He was away on medical leave. So, a team of Apple executives soldiered on without him. Schiller started off quoting Time Magazine's praise for "the phone that has changed phones forever." He'd go on to make that phone more affordable that ever, while also introducing its successor. It boasted twice the speed, both for processing and data networking. It was the iPhone 3GS.
  • iPhone 4

    iPhone 4
    Steve Jobs returned to the WWDC keynote stage on June 7, 2010. He'd introduced the iPad earlier in the year, and kicked things off with an update on how it, and the App Store had been doing (spoiler: Well!). Then he turned his attention to iPhone, and after recapping everything Apple had done to date, he began on what they were doing next. It had over 100 new features. It had an all-new design, an all-new camera, and an all new screen resolution. It was hot. It was the iPhone 4
  • S is for Siri?

    S is for Siri?
    The iphone 4s was announced 16 months after the iphone 4 & it had some major changes.First was the speed increase and better coverage, but it also introduced a virtual assistant that was Siri.
  • Biggest thing to happen to the iPhone (iPhone 5)

    Biggest thing to happen to the iPhone (iPhone 5)
    WWDC 2012 came and went without any new iPhone announcements, re-affirming that that 2011 hadn't be a fluke and that fall was the new summer. So it was that Apple announced another iPhone event for September 12, 2012. There, Apple senior vice president of worldwide marketing introduced the biggest thing to happen to the iPhone since the original iPhone. Big as in tall. Big as in light. Big as in LTE. Big as in the iPhone 5.
  • iPhone 6 & 6 Plus

    iPhone 6 & 6 Plus
    Apple released the new iphone 6 & 6s plus in September 9 2014, and the tried something new. Everyone complained that the iphones were too small, so the made an iPhone that was 2x the size of the original and called it the 6 plus.
  • 2 New iPhones

    2 New iPhones
    As usual apple made and iPhone that was faster that the original version, but they made two phones. An iphone 5s & 5c. The 5c was a cheaper version of the original iPhone 5 but it had color made of plastic instead of metals. And the iPhone 5s came with a fingerprint sensor along with the usual updates.
  • Iphone 6s

    Iphone 6s
    apple released the usual iPhone s but it had some new improvements. Users complained that the iPhone 6 Plus was bending in their pockets, so apple released the 6s Plus. It was more durable than the iPhone 6 Plus, and they made it faster as usual